LOOK: Aidan Gallagher as Robin is Giving Us So Many Feels!

One of the best things about ‘The Umbrella Academy‘ (in my opinion, anyway) is Aidan Gallagher. Aidan plays the role of #00.05 (The Boy) perfectly and every scene with him was simply amazing. So when he recently posted this fan art of him by BossLogic as Damian Wayne aka Robin on his Instagram account, my heart fluttered.

This version of Robin is of Damian Wayne, son of Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Talia al Ghul, making Damian the heir of both a crime-fighter and a super-villain (Ra’s al Ghul is Talia’s dad). This complexity in character would be perfect for Aidan to take on, don’t you think?

Besides, with so many Batman movies coming out, when will it be time for Robin to finally be put in the spotlight? Wouldn’t you love to see him in the role, as well?

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