LOOK: A compilation of good news in the face of COVID-19 in the Philippines

Featured image by Bernice Beltran 

There’s been a lot of heartbreaking news all around regarding the fight against COVID-19 and our efforts to keep it at bay. Stories of families losing loved ones, hardship, and difficulties in the system have been flooding social media for weeks now. It becomes unbearable sometimes to even turn on your phone to keep updated because of all the stories we see.

However, there are still bits of good news cropping up now and then. And while it may not always overpower the bad news we see, these stories can still warm the heart and inspire some hope.

Here’s some of the good news we’ve been seeing amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

A potential vaccine is being tested by Jennifer Haller and 44 other people

UP students and alumni have started designing sanitation tents for hospital entrances, public transpo, etc. for free

Ayala to continue paying their workers, prepare PHP 2.4B emergency response package

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McDo Quezon Ave. giving out free food to volunteers

Pasig City gov’t has set up mobile kitchens to feed frontliners 


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Free shuttle service for health workers

Citizens helping each other out–like this security guard (Nicko Gloriana) giving out free alcohol to people passing by

Bela Padilla raised over 1 million pesos to aid street vendors and those affected by the lockdown


Zark’s Burger gave out free food to health workers

Donation drives are working tirelessly to aid those who need help


Groups are being created to transport health workers to hospitals


Twitter user AC Soriano and netizens raised over PHP 100,000 for different beneficiaries, including Lola Carlota, the woman who had to walk over 2 hours from Caloocan to Divisoria


400,000 food packs, work from home, and ordinances against hoarding being implemented in Pasig


Banks, telecoms, and electricity companies allowing for extensions in bill payment

Canadian researchers have been able to isolate the virus

Your pets cannot get COVID-19

Any other good stories you’d like to share? Let us know!