LOOK: 6 month pregnant Andi Eigenmann goes surfing in Siargao

Andi Eigenmann isn’t letting her pregnancy (or the heat) stop her from living an active lifestyle. The former actress and her pro-surfer boyfriend, Philmar Alipayo, recently posted photos and clips of themselves taking on the waves in Siargao. Even Andi’s daughter, 7-year-old Ellie, tried it out!

Before anyone panics about how safe the sport is for a pregnant woman, just know that this has already been addressed in one of Andi’s Instagram posts. She assures everyone: “I surf with (just enough) knowledge of what I am doing, with my doctor’s permission, and with a professional surfer guiding me and making sure that the baby and I are ok.”


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Aforementioned professional surfer, Philmar, also posted a couple of photos of Andi and Ellie riding the waves. There were even some clips of Andi on the water!


There was also a cute snapshot of their little family with Andi and Ellie on boards as Philmar (presumably) instructs them. On his own Instagram account, Philmar affectionately refers to them as his 3 students, including his soon-to-be-born daughter with Andi.


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With how much this couple seems to love the water, it wouldn’t surprise any of us if their little girl really does come out a mermaid, like they joke about. Or at least another pro-surfer in the making!

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