LOOK: 5 Islands Animal Lovers Will Surely Want To Visit Soon

Imagine seeing a cute pup in the street or a jellyfish just swimming its way in the vast seas. I’m sure the animal lover in you would be really happy.

But hey, more is always merrier. Did you know that there are actual islands filled with these beautiful creatures? Read more below.

5. Cat Island, Japan

I’m sure crazy cat people are familiar with Japan’s cat island. With over a hundred of cats in sight, no wonder that a lot of feline enthusiasts would love and be more than willing to shell out some cash just to go here. 

Not trying to spoil the fun or anything but if you really want to see cats, you can just visit PAWS or look around you, the increasing number of stray cats in the metro is pretty alarming. It would be best if you take one home, too. #AdoptDontShop

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4. Jellyfish Lagoon, Bucas Grande Island

Whenever we learn that a body of water is infested with jellyfish, we avoid it immediately. I mean, I’m sure nobody wants a jellyfish sting. Luckily, an entire lagoon in Surigao Del Norte is a home for stingless jellyfish. Now, you can finally enjoy the company of friendly jellies as you dip in the waters.

3. Komodo Island

This one is for all the Jurassic Park lovers out there. If you’re not a fan of the fuzzy and the furry, then maybe you’d like to spend some time with some dragons in Indonesia’s Komodo National Park. Located in East Nusa Tenggara, you will see Komodo dragons casually walking around the white beaches, savannas, and blue waters.

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2. Pig Island

If you’re in love with the adorable pink oinkies, then this beach in the Bahamas is a definite addition in your bucket list. The pigs in this island are extra adorable since they know how to paddle their way in the waters. Seriously, how cute is that?

1. Lasqueti Island

Lasqueti Island is a haven for dog lovers. Nestled in British Columbia, Canada, it is a paradise filled with a lot of St. Bernards, one of the friendliest and cuddliest dog breeds out there. So yes, a visit to the island will guarantee sloppy kisses and furry cuddles.

Which island would you like to visit soon? Tell us in the comments!

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