LOOK: 10 Nostalgic OPM Songs that will Make You Remember Your High School Days

Words by Cathlyn Mae Botor

Do you still recall all the cheesy moments you had way back in high school? Or the name of your high school crush, maybe? Well, it’s probably one of the most unforgettable chapters in our lives. It’s also considered an active stage due to puberty, the period when we’re bursting with kilig and overwhelming emotions. It’s also the time when we had our firsts–first love, first heartbreak, first legit barkada hangout, first date (even if it means eating street food after class), first dance (prom), and many more.

Let’s go down the memory lane as we listen to these 10 classic OPM songs that made us smile, dance, cry, and feel kilig during our high school days.

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10. Gitara by Parokya ni Edgar

When your teacher is not around and during recess or breaks, your classmates will gather around, bring out a guitar, and jam to the tune of Gitara by the famous all-time OPM band Parokya ni Edgar.

9. Huling El Bimbo by Eraserheads

When we say OPM, Eraserheads is definitely one of the classic OPM bands that really made a mark in our hearts. Their song, Huling El Bimbo, is probably their most popular hit song that struck us and made everything feel so magical in high school. Were you also able to dance with your crush while this song played in the background?

8. Narda by Kamikazee

You probably sang along to this song way back when you were longing to get the attention of your crush. All you wanted was to get noticed by him/her when you bumped into each other along the hallway or in every flag ceremony. The lyrics, “Kahit sulyap lang, Darna,” suggests that you’re happy even if you only get to see your crush from afar.

7. Jeepney by Spongecola

After class, it’s either you and your classmates go on a foodtrip or just a simple hangout at the nearest burger stop or fruit shake stand. But, on most days, especially when it’s raining hard, you rush to the waiting shed and patiently wait for the next jeepney to pass by. Bonus is when you get to sit next to your crush like what Spongecola’s hit song says, “Bumaba ako sa jeepney… Kung saan tayo’y dating magkatabi“.

6. Hinahanap Hanap Kita by Rivermaya

Just like the OPM songs that were mentioned above, Hinahanap Hanap Kita by Rivermaya was an inspiring-kilig song way back in high school. It pretty much sums up the fleeting feeling we felt because of young infatuation. When you had your first love, the emotions are just so overwhelming that you can’t even fall asleep while daydreaming about your crush.

5. Torete by Moonstar88

When we say young love, it’s all about feeling nervous and a sudden burst of emotions that will make you blush whenever you’re near the person you like. You couldn’t distinguish if it was love or just your hormones. That was the time you listened to Moonstar88’s hit song Torete to somehow help you understand why you’re feeling so torete for the person.

4. Harana by Parokya ni Edgar

Nowadays, only a few people would make the effort of writing a poem or dedicating a song to the girl they would like to pursue. In high school, especially on occasions like Valentine’s day, a lot of guys give special gifts like flowers and chocolates to their girlfriends or their love prospect. But what’s more kilig-worthy are those who surprise their girl with Parokya ni Edgar’s famous song Harana.

3. Akin ka na lang by Itchyworms

Did you also vote for a class muse and escort? Or were you voted as one? Well, you’re probably the crush ng bayan. Only a few people from the class seem to easily get the attention of many because of their good looks and charisma. We can’t deny for a fact that it’s pretty challenging when the girl you like has a lot of suitors. If you ever felt the need to compete with many guys just to get the attention of the girl/boy you like, you definitely can relate to the song lyrics of Itchyworm’s catchy song Akin ka na lang.

2. Pare Ko by Eraserheads

Not all high school crushes led to a happily ever after, many even had their first heartbreak as early as this period. For the broken-hearted, Pare Ko talks about a guy who confesses his admiration for a girl whom he had no chance with.

1. High School Life by Sharon Cuneta

Of course, high school wouldn’t be complete without the friendship we had and cherished through all those years. And probably the highlight of every graduation is singing along to this popular song of Sharon Cuneta titled High School Life. It’s true that you can’t be together forever since you’ll no longer be classmates in college, but know that the happy memories will stay and linger on.

What is your go-to high school song? Or your favorite memory about high school? Share it in the comments section below!