Longline Apparel: Uniquely cool and fashionable long tees!

I have always had a fair share of attitudes with my fashion, some days I like suiting up just like Tony Stark, though less the Jarvis and laser beams, but more of the necktie suit. On some days I like kicking it with kicks. On some days I like it preppy. Truth be told, I always look for something unique, I dislike uniformity, I dislike being same with others. I like my fashion fierce and eye-catching. I love standing-out. And this is why I’m here with Longline Apparel, you want to stand out? You want something uniquely stylish? You want something cool? You want a fashion that is versatile? Longline Apparel, check!




Longline Apparel flaunts their very cool and unique longline tees, long styled shirts that are not just comfy, but kicks with style! Can you say Swag?




Longline Apparel features their Longline collection with the Basic Longline Tee priced at Php 499.00, Basic Longline Zipper Tee at Php 599.00, and the Longline Polo Zipper for Php 799.00. All of these are in white and black variants




They even have their hot selling Basic Longline Tee for kids! How cool is that? Kid Swag fo sho!




Where else can you find a really cool fashionable, comfy, and affordable tees? Check-out Longline Apparel and order yours NOW!!! Check-out Longline Apparel’s Facebook page and Instagram account below for more swag!


Longline Apparel Facebook Page

Longline Instagram: @longlineapparel

Contact: +639065669069 (Text/Call/Viber/WhatsApp)

Email: longlineapparel@gmail.com