Longchamp Unleashes a Burst of Energy: Spring-Summer 2024 Celebrates Art, Joy, and Versatile Fashion with Elaine Constantine!

Get ready for a joyous ride through Longchamp University in the Spring-Summer 2024 campaign, where renowned photographer and director Elaine Constantine captures the vibrant antics of spirited students. Longchamp Creative Director Sophie Delafontaine is over the moon about Constantine’s light-filled photographs, describing them as visionary paintings that radiate positivity.22

Constantine, known for her work since the 1990s with iconic publications like The Face, Italian, French, and American Vogue, brings her infectious energy to Longchamp’s campaign. Her artistic prowess has been showcased at prestigious galleries, including The Photographers’ Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum, cementing her status as a master of her craft.


What caught Delafontaine’s attention was Constantine’s ability to capture the essence of joy and laughter in her images. The campaign, set against the backdrop of the esteemed Lycée Henri IV in Paris, is a dynamic showcase of students exuding irrepressible optimism. With the energetic track “Alright” by Supergrass as the soundtrack, the campaign mirrors the vivacity of the Spring-Summer 2024 collection.

But here’s the twist—Longchamp isn’t just for high-fashion moments; it’s the go-to for university kids too! With its versatile style, the brand seamlessly blends into the lives of students, adding a pop of color and fun to their everyday adventures.


In Asia, the campaign features the sparkling ambassador of Longchamp, Kim Se-Jeong. So, who wouldn’t want to join this colorful, upbeat gang of students, laughing, joking, and embracing life with Longchamp’s unmistakable flair? Spring-Summer 2024 is calling—answer with style and joy!