Lola Nidora Shares “Wais” Tip for Election 2016

Lola Nidora Election 2016

With a bit of mathematics in between, Lola Nidora shared a wise tip that voters should keep in mind about the upcoming 2016 Presidential Elections.

Although the tip is about voting for a mayor, we deem it applicable to any kind of election.

M. Mikkai posted on Facebook a photo of said small poster that shows Lola Nidora’s computation of what you get if you sell your vote for 500 pesos to a mayor who will hold the position for three years.

On the post, Lola Nidora said that if you divide the 500 pesos that you get to 1095.7265 days (which is roughly about how long the mayor will hold the office), you only receive 0.45 centavos in exchange of your dignity in selling your vote to that mayor.

She emphasized that there is nothing you can actually buy for 0.45 pesos, let alone your dignity.

We are not sure when and where the photo was taken, but it is a good tip to remember. If we really want to see changes, it should come from within, from the people electing the officials.

Who are you voting for Election 2016? Why?

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