LOL: This 7-year-old kid had a cute answer in a textbook activity

Well-played. This kid is going places!

In a tweet shared by Syrell Palisoc, she found the answer of her sister in a textbook hilarious. We’d have to agree!

The illustration’s rough translation:

GIRL: “I no longer want to be friends with you. You are dirty and stinky. ”
BOY: “Then go. Live life as you like.”

Palisoc shares to WHEN IN MANILA her amusement over her sister’s answer.

So there I was checking my sister’s textbooks. I came across this activity where she was supposed to write her answers towards the given situation and she wrote the funniest comeback! I love how her other answers were somewhat nice and decent, but this one really made me laugh. Anyways, it’s good to know that she already knows how to stand up for herself at the young age of 7 years old.

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Disclaimer: does not own the photo. Credits go to Syrell Palisoc. 


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