Loctote: The Fashionable Anti-Theft Bag Everyone Should Have

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As hard as it is to admit it: some things make it hard to love the Philippines. 

It’s a sad truth: the security in our country isn’t that well off. There is a lot of thievery going on even to the point where people slash other people’s bags just to get their valuables! Thankfully, an American company decided to manufacture an anti-theft bag, which is finally available in the Philippines! Say hello to Loctote Industrial Bag Co. 
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Loctote Industrial Bag Co. is a producer of quality drawstring bags specifically built with a special tear- and slash-resistant fabric. It also has an extra coating that makes it water-resistant, as well. With this bag, you’ll feel more confident in the fact that your things are safe from harm. Let’s talk about its other features. 

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You can try to slash the bags as much as you want, but Loctote Industrial Bag Co. is durable enough to remain unscathed. We tried cutting it with a sharp knife (believe us—the knife was sharp!) and even stabbing the bag, but the HMWPE fabric is exceptional. Just a reminder, though: no matter how great its resistance is, you can’t use this as a defensive armor against anything. The point of using the fabric is to keep its consumers safe from pick-pocketing and scratches during day-to-day activities.  vlcsnap 2017 10 31 00h23m03s154

The drawstring bag has a coating called the 200 Denier Nylon, which prevents water from penetrating the surface. So, while the outside may get wet, everything inside your bag will stay 100% dry. This is very convenient because you won’t have to get stressed out about the things in your bag when the rain pours while you’re out and about.
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Aside from those two main functions, Loctote Industrial Bag Co. also steps things up a notch by providing a built-in lock at the front pocket of the bag. You just have to pull the lock until two silver rings come out, and then you can wrap the lock onto certain objects and insert it through the silver holes. When done properly, your bag will be very difficult to open—tried and tested! 12LSFLak SackSPORT
The best part about the lock feature? You can lock your bag onto a chair when you’re alone in a cafe/restaurant and go the comfort room/cashier without worrying that your bag will be stolen! 
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Now, let’s focus on what’s inside the bag. I love how there is a hook on the side, so you can hang your keys there for easy access and spend less time digging it out. You will also see a semi-hidden pocket hidden inside, which is commonly used for storing important things like your wallet and passport. I personally use this part for all of my coins, but it’s your call on how you want to maximize the space.  IMG 9934

As their tagline suggests, “Live More, Worry Less”. Of course, the creator of Loctote Industrial Bag Co. also makes it a point that the drawstring bag is still a comfortable everyday bag despite all its features. Even the softness of the Loctote bag will make it easier for you to carry it around while making you feel more secure than ever about your stuff.  IMG 9909

This bag is truly revolutionary. Stealing may always be an issue; but with this drawstring bag, you can make it less tempting for others to try and do illegal acts. This bag is only available at Alter Ego at Shangri-La Mall. Get yours today!

Loctote Industrial Bag Co.

Alter Ego, 5th Level Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong

997 9780  

Website: https://loctote.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Loctote/

Instagram: @Loctote