6 Local Online Stores That Sell Comfortable and Stylish Activewear

Just because you are working out at home more nowadays, that doesn’t mean you should just throw style out the window. Comfort aside, wearing fashionable activewear can actually do wonders in making you push yourself harder as you work out. After all, if you look cute, you’ll feel good. (Or is that just me?)

If you are looking for comfortable and stylish activewear to wear during your workouts, here are some great local online stores that we’ve discovered during quarantine that you should check out, too.

6 Local Online Stores That Sell Comfortable and Stylish Activewear

6. LaNiña


La Nina Don t Call Me Angel Running Pants

Photo from LaNiña

LaNiña clothing started with the desire to provide Filipinas with trendy, well-crafted, and well-fitting pieces that will not burn a hole in their pockets. Eleaniña Bonifacio was looking for good leggings one day but struggled to find some with a good fit, great quality fabric, and an affordable price tag. So, when she received her backpay, she created a homegrown clothing brand that would help Filipinas find great fashionable activewear and swimwear.

LaNiña embodies the courage of a woman to wear whatever she wants without the fear of what people will say. Every design that they offer is carefully selected. They spend a lot of time focusing on the fabric, the quality of the stitches, and the fit. They will also be adding more variations to their catalogue soon, so stay tuned! Read more about LaNiña here.

5. Moodi Athletics (@moodiathletics)


Moodi Athletics Activewear

Photo by Justin De Jesus

Mia and Dani have been best friends since they were nine years old. With Dani being well-versed in financials and Mia being inclined in the marketing / creative side of things, they were a perfect match to kickstart a small business. During the pandemic, they found themselves with a lot of free time and decided to start an activewear brand that they could both enjoy. Instead of highlighting working out everyday, though, these two want to recognize the importance of rest days during these tough times.

“There will be days that we want to just slow down and days that we will be full of energy,” they point out. “We will feel differently everyday and that’s something we have to embrace rather than force ourselves to always be up and about. It’s crucial to put our mental and physical well-being first above all else right now. We wanted to build a brand that is going to be there for our customers no matter what kind of day they are having.”

Moodi Athletics’ products are very versatile; you can wear them for work, running errands, working out, or just lounging around at home. This is why they offer a wide range of styles from sports bras to bra tops to leggings. Aside from the styles, they are also very particular with the quality of their clothes. “We wanted it to feel like second skin and be comfortable since we want our customers to be able to live in them for the whole day without any discomfort,” they explain. “We really aimed for a soft, buttery texture for all of our items.” And they definitely succeeded. Their pieces are sooooo comfy!!!

4. Flexit! Activewear (@flexitactivewearph)

Flexit Activewear

Photo from Flexit! Activewear

Flexit! Activewear is the first activewear line in Davao City. It all started with Faye Remolar’s passion for working out. Faye is an avid fan of CrossFit, long runs, obstacle races, yoga, and many other forms of exercises; but she has always been stuck with the same sets of workout clothes that already looked crappy. Quarantine gave Faye the opportunity to create her own activewear that’s trendy, fab, comfortable, and excellent in quality.

Faye chose her products based on the workouts that she does; they are all trendy, of good quality, and support high-impact movements. Flexit! Activewear makes you sweat in style, giving you the newest styles of activewear that are also very comfortable and durable. It suits any kind of workout and is trendy enough to be worn as comfy daily wear. It will truly give you the satisfaction and value for your money.

3. Wengman Sports Apparel (@wengmansports)


Wengman Activewear

Photo from Wengman Sports Apparel

Wengman Sports Apparel is a local brand that started from the sport Ultimate Frisbee. Kat Santiago and her husband started the business by accommodating team uniform orders and it evolved into a small local brand from there.

Wengman considers the wants and needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts, providing vibrant, ultra light-weight, and easy-to-wear products. All of their products are made local by fellow fitness enthusiasts, as well. Not only do they deliver good local quality apparel; their items are affordable, too! There is definitely something for everyone here!

2. MillennX (@millennx)


MillennX Activewear

Photo from MillennX

After Jamille graduated from college, she spent several months applying for fashion-related jobs in the country, but found no luck. Despite having all of the qualifications and knowledge for the jobs, she was always rejected because of one reason: her hearing impairment. To release her frustrations, she resorted to working out and doing sports. Since she needed a lot of sports bras and leggings, she decided to create her own line of activewear alongside Glenn, who had just started his teaching job in Benilde handling subjects like pattern drafting and clothing construction.

They started with two household sewing machines that they had when they were still students and two industrial sewing machines that they bought with Glenn’s first salary. After that, they invited students from TESDA dressmaking classes to join them for free training. From there, they were able to choose the best employees to work with.

MillennX hopes to become the “Nike or adidas of the Philippines”. All of their designs are manufactured by themselves with the best materials that they source from international suppliers, and with great knowledge, extensive skills, and burning passion. Their designs are all original, edgy yet minimal. Buying their products also helps support the livelihood of our fellow Filipinos and helps local industries survive.

MillennX products are only assembled upon order to minimize production waste, as well. They also accept customized orders for women of all shapes and sizes. Through the initiative of head designer Jamille, they prioritize collaborations with and offer discounts to fellow people with special needs.

1. INEX (@inexactive)


INEX Activewear

Photo from INEX

Maxine Sebastian started INEX as a passion project shortly after her seventh and final year of playing football with the UP Women’s varsity team as a means to fill in the space that was left. It eventually became a way for her to share the love of an active lifestyle and pay it forward to others in the same way that her coaches and teammates had shared it with her over the years. “I wanted to build a space that would make women feel not just the occasional burst of motivation and inspiration but a more steady long-term peace and contentment with themselves and their bodies,” Maxine adds. “I wanted to share something that would help women enjoy the journey.”

Having been an athlete and having been around many female athletes for years, Maxine learned firsthand that every woman needs a little something different when it comes to her activewear. Everything from the amount of bra support to the compression preference can be different for every individual. This is why INEX does their best to provide a variety of activewear to suit different types of movements, as well as the individual preferences of the women who wear them.

INEX does this beautifully. Aside from being functional, their fabric has a good stretch for uninhibited movement, breathability for comfort (perfect for the Philippines’ tropical climate), and good moisture-wicking properties. Most importantly, they will make you feel great whenever you work out, thanks to the little touches that they add to boost your confidence, like the booty contour, tummy compression, shape flattering silhouettes and patterns, and seamless designs that won’t pinch into your curves.

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