LMFAO Manila “Sorry For Party Rocking” Tour: EPIC Summer Party at the Coliseum!

LMFAO Manila party rocked courtesy of RedFoo and Quest Crew!

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When In Manila, RedFoo party rocked with the Araneta crowd for an EPIC night of LMFAO Manila! Although SkyBlu wasn’t able to join the fray, RedFoo‘s larger-than-life appeal was more than enough to keep the crowd riled up throughout the whole concert! (According to RedFoo, SkyBlu partied too much his d*ck fell off. SkyBlu, hoping for your speedy recovery.)

IMG 3322

RedFoo wearing his “I WRKOUT” plate LIKE A BOSS!!!

Reaching the venue a wee bit early, party people slowly flocked to the middle of the arena as DJ Lucky Lou spun several tracks to open up the night. A number of fans came with their RedFoo afro wigs and glassless frames. One fan even made a replica of the Shuffle Bot headpiece!

IMG 3283

DJ Lucky Lou opened the night with some smooth beats.

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Props to Dayly Entertainment for taking out the seats in the Patron area. I cannot imagine an LMFAO Manila party with the chairs hindering everyone from getting closer to the stage. Promo girls and guys were also selling Antonov Vodka drinks for those who wanted to get a buzz for the concert. The spiked drinks were a welcome feature; drinking plain soda while RedFoo beckoned for “Shots!” would simply be awkward.

IMG 3293

Antonov Vodka party drinks, anyone?

Squeezing my way to the front rows was very rewarding this time around. (If there’s a list of concerts where buying a Patron is worth the extra bucks, LMFAO Manila would be on top of the list.) Light sticks were given away before the concert. A giant inflatable zebra kept the sea of party people company, tossed to and fro as if we were in a pool party. And it was “Champagne Showers” in the front rows as RedFoo, Shuffle Bot, and the rest of the crew shaked, opened, and sprayed bottle after bottle of champagne to the screaming crowd!

IMG 3327

The giant inflatable zebra: The coolest animal in the block for LMFAO Manila!

IMG 3337

Look who decided to show up?

As for the night that was LMFAO Manila, what can I say? We rocked, we partied, we danced the night away! Between “I’m in Miami Bitch”, “Getting Over You”, “Yes (Everyday I See My Dream)”, “Shots” “Party Rock Anthem”, and “Sexy and I Know It”, it would be an injustice to dissect LMFAO Manila into miniscule details and start comparing performances. The night ended with RedFoo putting on his DJ hat and laying out some remixes – from his iPhone!

RedFoo v. Shuffle Bot “Sexy and I Know It” Showdown at LMFAO Manila: Who’s Better?

Taken as a whole, RedFoo was at the helm of an adrenaline-pumping event that only got better as the night went on. There was no down time. RedFoo, Quest Crew, and everyone else that made up LMFAO Manila were having a blast (and getting drunk) on stage while everyone partied below. LMFAO Manila served up a party way beyond my expectations for the night, and I’m pretty sure those who were jumping and fist-pumping and singing the repetitive lyrics (but who cares?) from the floors of the Coliseum all the way up to the bleachers of the General Admissions were very impressed as well!

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When In Manila, Party Summer officially started with RedFoo and LMFAO Manila! “Like” Dayly Entertainment on Facebook and check out the upcoming concerts they have lined up for us. My Rock-loving friends and I cannot wait for April 26 as Avenged Sevenfold (A7X) rocks the Coliseum! And for us Manilenos who work our asses off trying to make a living, remember: “EVERYDAY I SEE MY DREAM!”

LMFAO Manila “Sorry For Party Rocking” Tour: EPIC Summer Party at the Coliseum!