Live Life Vegetarian: New Vegetarian Resto in Makati

Live Life Vegetarian: New Vegetarian Resto in Makati


In the fast-paced world we live in, our eating lifestyle also has too keep up with the rush. There’s no point in denying that today, everybody prefers instant. I’m also guilty for settling for instant noodles and fast food take-outs. Besides the fact that they’re more convenient, they also save on time. We all feel that same guilt after a hefty meal at your favorite burger joint in Manila. If you want to live life fresh and anew, though, it may be time for you to try out this new Vegetarian resto in Makati that can help you Live Life Vegetarian.


Live Life Vegetarian 20


Starting just last year, Live Life Vegetarian offers fresh and healthy vegetarian and vegan food at your comfort. Miss Sylvia, the owner of Live Life Vegetarian, hopes to cater to every Filipino’s need and desire to eat healthier without sacrificing on the taste, color and texture of the food. She realized that not everyone is ready to embrace a totally RAW or VEGAN diet, though. Because of this, she created a menu to provide a nutritional meal that still satisfies the Filipino palette.

Honestly, vegetarian food isn’t my first choice when choosing a place to eat. As such, I was surprised by how good the food is at Live Life Vegetarian. I am a certified meat-lover. However, I sometimes get “bored” of eating the same greasy and fat-rich food everyday. That’s why I got out of my monotonous eating style to try a full vegetarian set meal. To my surprise, I was NOT disappointed. I had a great, hefty meal at Live Life Vegatarian without the guilt (a certified win-win). 🙂


Live Life Vegetarian 12A perfect place for intimate talks or family eat-outs


The place has simple yet cozy cafe ambiance to it with relaxing lounge music playing in the background. I was astonished to learn that it used to be an old storage area now revamped and ready for its hungry customers to chow down and enjoy the food.

 Live Life Vegetarian

 Tapas w/ Olives & Capers (flat bread) Hummus Dressing


My vegetarian meal at Live Life Vegetarian started with a fresh appetizer called Tapas w/ Olives & Capers (flat bread) Hummus Dressing. I was actually scared to taste it at first because all that I saw on top were the tomatoes, olives, and capers. However, all of those doubts immediately set aside after I took my first bite. It had a pesto-like flavour and a nutty (and a bit chewy) bread that complemented both well.

 Live Life Vegetarian 03Tacos (RAW)


We’re used to eating tacos that are made from a combo of a fried tortilla and generous amounts of cabbage, tomato, and greasy ground beef/ pork topped with cheese. Well, they have a healthier alternative to the Mexican-favorite, the Tacos (RAW) – mini tacos made from dehydrated nuts and partnered with the perfect salsa. It’s a refreshing way to enjoy the tacos with the salsa, but I’d still prefer to eat the tacos alone.


Live Life Vegetarian 06Moussaka


Next is their Moussaka, a Greek dish turned vegetarian. Even though it has eggplant (one of my worst enemies) in it, I had no problem eating this dish. While I wish it had less tomatoes (because they were a little overpowering), this dish was a thumbs up overall.


Live Life Vegetarian 07Fresh Vegetable Lumpia


A Filipino-favorite, Fresh Vegetable Lumpia. It’s just as authentic as you’d expect it to be (but with more nuts :D).


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