Live Art: The Living Art Project at The Picasso

Live Art: The Living Art Project continues to prove why you should definitely check out the local art scene When in Manila. Last Feb. 27, various local performance artists came together at The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences in Makati to celebrate art, music, culture, and of course, life.

Romancing Venus founder Kooky Tuason demonstrated the beauty of the spoken word with her poems Transit and Shape-shifter.

Live Art: The Living Art Project at The Picasso

The Philippines’ Queen of the Goths, Karen Kunawicz, meanwhile gave a shout-out to introverts everywhere with Emily Dickinson’s I’m nobody! Who are you?


Tara Ilic performed two passionate pieces – one in English and the other in Cebuano. Her poem about a cockroach watching a couple have sex for the first time is definitely something I won’t forget anytime soon.

Fashion designer/singer-songwriter Kate Torralba performed Drunk on your Love, which she wrote after coming home sober from a party where everyone was drunk; Pictures, which was about her last relationship; and Tori Amos’ Cornflake Girl.

Aside from the seamstress-songstress as Kate fondly calls herself, other acts that performed at Live Art: The Living Art Project are Matilda,


Maegan Aguilar,


and The Slinks whose rendition of Pete Lacaba’s Filipino translation of La Vie en Rose is one of the best performances of the night.

Mimes, harlequins and living statues also graced the occasion, greeting guests and keeping things upbeat.

Caricature artists were also present at the Live Art: The Living Art Project to create personalized souvenirs for guests. 


We were one of the last few people Benedict and Argee did portraits of. Even with their hands slightly shaking from all the people they had to draw, they did a great job. 

They say the earth without art is just eh. There was definitely nothing eh-worthy about the Live Art: The Living Art Project Hospitality Innovators Inc, which manages The Picasso Botique Serviced Residences, cooked up as a thank you to their top accounts.


Indeed, Live Art: The Living Art Project just goes to show that the Philippines is truly home to the finest performance artists, poets, singers, writers, musicians, and painters this side of the planet. Why don’t we all support local artists, When in Manila?


text by: Angelica Pascual

photos by: Rich Mascarinas

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Live Art: The Living Art Project at The Picasso



Live Art: The Living Art Project at The Picasso

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