LISTO 2014: TALK (Think, Argue, Listen, Know) Year 3

LISTO 2014: TALK (Think, Argue, Listen, Know) Year 3pubmat-listo-main-lowres


UP Kustura to hold LISTO 2014: TALK (Think, Argue, Listen, Know) Year 3

September 27,
2014 from 8:00am – 5:00pm
Teatro Marikina, Shoe Avenue, Marikina City

LISTO 2014: Talk (Think, Argue, Listen, and Learn) Year 3 is an inter-school debate competition of Marikeño high school students. It aims to promote unity and cooperation, develop leadership and academic intelligence, and uplift the minds and talents of Marikeños concerning society, culture, economy, and politics, as well as improve and enhance their language and rhetoric skills.

LISTO (Tagisan ng Talino ng Marikeño) has been a tradition for UP Kustura, and through the years, it has taken many themes and formats: junk art competition, dance, informative game shows etc. But on 2012, UP Kustura has decided to make the debate tournament format of the event permanent.

UP Kustura, Marikeño Student Organization based in UP Diliman, is holding this annual event as part of their tradition in upholding service and excellence to the students of the University of the Philippines as well as the constituents of Marikina City. As opposed to the event being held in UP-Diliman last year, the organization will be bringing back and holding the event in Marikina City this year—just like how it had been for the past other years.

For inquiries, contact:

Mark Joseph Cancino, Head of LISTO 2014 Steering Committee

Sarah Salonga, UP Kustura Chairperson AY 2014-2015




LISTO 2014: TALK (Think, Argue, Listen, Know) Year 3