LISTERINE ® Step Up Your Food Trip: A Guiltless Kind of Food Trip!

Raise your hand if you’ve been on a food trip that’s actually been good to you AND your waistline!!

Nope? Didn’t think so. But did you know that you can actually go eat your heart out, and stay healthy?

Don’t believe us? Well, LISTERINE ® just made it happen!

At the Eastwood Mall Open Park from March 27-28, LISTERINE ® held a one-of-a-kind food fair that showcased mouthwatering but healthy treats, and how making good food turn to better takes just a single step!

And because this is a foodie’s heaven, of course, EVERYONE came out to step up their food trip! Here are just some of the great photos people posted:

Listerine Step Up Your Food Trip 7


Listerine Step Up Your Food Trip 4


Listerine Step Up Your Food Trip

The program was hosted by well-known DJ, host, lifestyle columnist and food blogger Sam Oh, who went around different Step It Up booths that showed how you can step up your favorite meals.

Listerine Step Up Your Food Trip 3

Chef Carlo Miguel of Publiko, 71 Gramercy, and Draft, and who famously lost an AMAZING 200 pounds, was there to give an awesome live demo of how stepped up dishes can be healthier alternatives to our favorite meals.

Some of our favorite brands set up shop at the Step It Up booths, such as Dole Philippines, Jamba Juice, Robinson’s Supermarket, The Sandwich Guy, The Daily Jusa, Lunchbox Diet, Fruitas, Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range, Juice Hut Manila, Dr. Tam’s Vegan House, The Mango Farm, Kitchen Manila, Yummy Diet, Fitness GourmetArla Food, with mouthwatering yet totally healthy offerings for each foodie to try!

Clearly, everyone LOVED the food being served up in the booths!

Listerine Step Up Your Food Trip 8


Listerine Step Up Your Food Trip 10


Listerine Step Up Your Food Trip 9

Of course, as healthier eating leads to healthier mouths, LISTERINE ® also provided rinsing booths, where guests can experience stepping up their oral care with just one step.

You can never go wrong with good food that’s good for you, too! LISTERINE ® has definitely proved that stepping up your food trip will want to make you come back… all it takes is a single step!