Fat Chef to Fit Chef: 3 Simple Tips to Step Up your Health

We all love to eat… who doesn’t?! Posting a photo of your latest food find on Instagram is just half the fun, especially with all the new and hot restaurants that have popped up around the metro. But with summer just around the corner, ’tis again the season for summer-ready abs and bikini selfies! But don’t fret, fellow foodie… getting those abs in time for that barkada beach trip doesn’t mean starving from your favorite eats!

It’s just all about being a better eater and making smarter decisions about what and how you eat. This time, it’s time to take food that’s just good and turn it into what’s good for you, so you can enjoy your fave meals without the added waistline.

3 simple ways to step up your food game carlo miguel

Take a few cues from Chef Carlo Miguel, who lost 200 POUNDS thanks to a weight loss show, and who serves as the brain behind the dishes of the hottest joints such as Gramercy 71, Draft Gastropub, Publiko, Black Olive Cerveceria, and many more! All it takes is 3 simple ways to step up your food game.

3 Simple Ways To Step Up Your Health

3 simple ways to step up food game

3. Add healthier ingredients to your meals.

There are now a ton of restaurants that serve up awesome vegetarian or even just healthier dishes in general, but if food of the leafy-green sort don’t appeal as much to you, step up your usual comfort food by adding or trading in some ingredients on your plate for healthier ones! Instead of the usual mashed potatoes to go with that steak, ditch the butter-loaded carb side dish for a healthier alternative: sweet potato fries, that you can even coat in olive oil! It’s all about making dining fun, which Chef Carlo believes in, and food can be healthy and enjoyable at the same time.


3 simple ways to step up food game exercise

2. Exercise… and stick to it!

In his journey to fitness, Chef Carlo says that losing 200 pounds is the easy part… it’s maintaining from then on and keeping healthy everyday that’s the real challenge. To step up, Chef Carlo took on triathlon as a sport to push his fitness goals even further! You can follow in his footsteps and find a sport that’s just the right match for you. But when you’re just starting out on your path to fitness, it’s important to take the first step and exercise… and stick to a routine! It can be as simple as doing a 30-minute jog everyday in the morning, and then build on from there. You’ll be surprised at how far you’ve come a few months from then!


3 simple ways to step up food game hygiene

1. Step up your hygiene game.

For Chef Carlo, being a good professional chef also means having good overall personal hygiene. Makes sense, as his job includes whipping up dishes to eager and hungry customers with sanitary standards! Also, it’s all about looking after yourself well.  Even if you’re only cooking for yourself and a few friends in your own kitchen, it’s always a good idea to stay clean! This includes showering at least twice a day, washing your hands, and a regular oral regimen such as brushing your teeth and rinsing with mouthwash like LISTERINE ®, which freshens up the palette for longer during the day, so you can enjoy food tripping without a weird after-taste.

Exactly how does Chef Carlo step it up in life? Find out more in this really inspiring video below: 

And there you have it, three simple ways to step up your food game! Because it’s not just important to know what’s good food, but also good food that’s good for you as well! Also, check out LISTERINE ® at https://rinsewithlisterine.com/ to find out more ways on how to step it up!

Got any other tips to STEP UP your food game?? Share with us in the comments!!


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