LISTEN: Is Kesha Almost Free? Zedd Releases New Version of “True Colors” Featuring Kesha

Pop singer Kesha has been in a legal battle with her producer Luke Gottwaldknown as “Dr Luke” in the music industryfor the past three years. It’s been a long and draining process for the singer as she tries to break free from the shackles of her contract with Sony and Dr Luke, after coming forward with claims that she’s been sexually harassed and emotionally distressed (among many other claims) by Gottwald. Consequently, Kesha’s career has taken the backseat as she is barred from releasing new music without her producers because of her contract. But what is an artist without her art?

LISTEN: Is Kesha Almost Free? Zedd Releases New Version of "True Colors" Featuring Kesha

In comes Zedd. The Grammy-winning DJ, like many other artists, has expressed his sympathies to Kesha. But along that he had an offer: he would be willing to produce music for Kesha, if the singer wanted to. Of course Kesha is legally bound from doing that, but doesn’t mean she can’t perform an already existing song can she?

Kesha surprised everyone when she appeared at Coachella just recently, to sing a song off of Zedd’s album during his set. They’ve now recorded the studio version of the songTrue Colors—which is every bit as chilling as it is foretelling of the singer’s battles.

Listen here:

“I won’t apologize for the fire in my eyes. Let me show you my, my true colors.”

You go, girl.

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