LISTEN: Calvin Harris Released a New Song—But is it about Taylor Swift?

Calvin Harris is back on track and making more music. Hallelujah.

The DJ, after laying low for a while following the whirlwind that was breaking up with popstar Taylor Swift, who swiftly got into a relationship with Tom Hiddleston just weeks after, and is now also broken up (whew), is finally back with new music!

Calvin Harris has always been a terrific music producer, releasing songs like Feels so Close and This is What you Came For alongside Rihanna, so it’s a shame that many people only know him as Taylor Swift’s ex.

Need proof to his musical prowess? Listen:

But, of course, fans are now asking: is this song about Taylor Swift? Probably not. In a recent interview with iHeart Radio, Harris mentioned that he’s had the idea behind this song for years, back in the days when he was still struggling to make music his career and “didn’t have money.”

Well, whoever and whatever this song is about doesn’t really affect the outcome. It’s a damn good track, and that’s all that matters now.

What do you think of the song? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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