LIST: Here are All the LGBTQ+ Movies You Can Watch for FREE on iWant

Every June, the LGBTQ+ community comes together for a month-long celebration of love, freedom, acceptance, and pride. If you’re looking for new queer stories to watch or have been wanting to look back on some time-tested favorites, iWant has a ton of them that you can check out.

Here’s the full list:

  1. 2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten — A coming-of-age story about a 90s kid confronting his sexuality.
  2. Metamorphosis — An intersex student who identifies as male until he gets his period.
  3. Baka Bukas — A story between two friends whose dynamic changes after one of them comes out as a lesbian.
  4. Shift — A “tomboyish” call center agent attempts to repress her feelings after finding out her openly gay best friend, whom she is in love with, has a new boyfriend.
  5. Deadma Walking — The friendship between two gay best friends is tested when one of them is diagnosed with terminal illness. They then decide to fake his death to hear for himself what other people truly thought of him.
  6. Seoul Mates — In this Filipino-Korean feature film, an unlikely friendship is formed between a Filipino transwoman and a Korean man who help each other with their respective relationships, despite having feelings for each other.
  7. Changing Partners — This musical drama film tells the story of one couple and the progression of their relationship up to the point of their breakup. Their story is told in four different ways, in changing gender pairings.
  8. Sila Sila — A man who has gone through messy breakups suddenly finds himself having to deal with a rekindling of feelings for an ex-boyfriend.
  9. Rome and Juliet — While planning a wedding, two women unexpectedly find comfort in each other.
  10. T-Bird at Ako — An iconic film starring Nora Aunor and Vilma Santos where they play a lawyer and a dancer who work together on the dancer’s homicide case. But the lawyer struggles to keep everything professional as she finds herself deeply attracted to her client.
  11. Fluid — A recently single woman comes face to face with her sexuality as she is made to choose between her ex-boyfriend and becoming an out-and-proud lesbian.
  12. In My Life — A headstrong mom moves to New York where she must come to terms with her son’s relationship with another man.
  13. Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes — A comedy film that follows two women who get the shock of their lives when they discover that their husbands are secretly lovers.
  14. Si Chedeng at Si Apple — One woman comes out as lesbian after the death of her husband and thus begins her search for her one true love in Cebu.
  15. Rainbow’s Sunset — An elderly man, played by the late and great Eddie Garcia, comes out as gay to his family in order to spend his days caring for his dying lover and best friend.
  16. Miss Bulalacao — A young drag queen suddenly finds himselg pregnant following an alien abduction. When rumors of his so-called “immaculate conception” circulate, he is then made leader of a cult.
  17. Die Beautiful — A transgender woman’s dying wish to be presented as a different celebrity on each day of her wake is fulfilled by her best friend. But the film tells so much more than that as it showcases all the major events, some happy and some traumatizing, in her life leading up to her death.
  18. Mga Batang Poz — In this iWant original film, four HIV-positive teenagers find solace in one another amidst the stigma around their diagnosis and rejection from their families.

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