Lime Hut Katipunan Serves Coffee By Day and Cocktails By Night

Lime Hut in The Pop Up Katipunan is the perfect chill spot to hang out for an entire day because it is a coffee shop by day and a bar by night. It is perfect if you’re looking for a place to work that serves specialty coffee because after sunset, you can also cap off the night and celebrate a productive day with a drink (or two… you know what I mean).

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Here, you can relax and enjoy the beach vibes of the place along with their specialty coffee: a unique blend from Brazil and Panama that is 100% Arabica.

iced coffee

Their hot and iced coffee prices range from Php90 to Php130.

There are only three things I look for when considering a place to work: good coffee, a chill ambiance, and good Wi-Fi. Lime Hut has them all!


If you get hungry, the Lime Hut menu also offers contemporary Carribean cuisine. You may start with their appetizers like tostadas, totopo mixtos & chorizo, and three-cheese taquenos.


Tostadas are tortilla disks toasted to a perfect crisp and topped with minced jerk chicken, stewed taro leaves in coconut, tropical salsa, and salsa verde (Php220).

totopo mixtos and chorizo

Meanwhile, totopo mixtos and chorizo is a mixture of plaintain, sweet potato, and tortilla chips topped with crumbled pork chorizo, corn kernel, black beans, tropical salsa, and cheese (Php210).

3 cheese taquenos

Lime Hut’s version of cheese sticks come in the form of three-cheese taquenos. It is made from a mix of three different kinds of cheese served with roasted chili and tomato salsa (Php220).

They also have light choices for the health-conscious, including the crispy fish sandwich and their tropical special, the jerk salmon belly salad.

crispy fish sandwich

In this sandwich is a spice-battered cobbler fried to a golden crisp tucked with pickles, sofrito, and citrus herb mayo (Php270).

jerk salmon belly salad

On the other hand, the sweet summer salad (Php220) is topped with some tasty salmon belly and served with Lime Hut’s signature jerk sauce.

fried jerk chicken

You may also indulge in some fried jerk chicken (Php290) served with dirty rice or cari-curry (Php310), my personal favorite – chicken cooked in Jamaican style coconut-curry!

cari curry

Conclude your meal with their fudgy brownie ala mode (Php150) or top off this sweet dessert with your choice of ice cream for merienda.

brownie ala mode

For your nightcap, you may choose from local beers, cocktails, sangria, or slushies! You can also enjoy a night out with your friends at Lime Hut Katipunan with carafes or bottles of hard liquor.


Enjoy local beers at Php75/85, a glass of sangria at Php180 or a pitcher at Php600, and slushies (ice-blended cocktails) at Php350. Regular cocktails per glass start at Php120, while carafes (good for 5 people) cost Php500.

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