Lia’s Cakes in Season: Celebrating 10 Years of Luscious Avocado Cake Goodness

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“Ang pagkain, kapag walang kwento, walang kwenta!” – Chef Claude Tayag

These words from Filipino culinary icon Chef Claude Tayag has always been my motivation whenever I do my features. There are countless dishes and restaurants out there,  awaiting to be tasted, yearning for a little appreciation, but I believe a dish becomes more special, delicious and soulful when it has a tale to tell…. and these exceptional dishes to me, are the ones that are feature-worthy.

And so for this special feature, allow me to introduce to you a cake with an inspiring story and meticulously made with love, that is about to celebrate its first fruitful 10th years in business Lia’s Cakes in Season: Home of the Original Avocado Cake.

The birth of Lia’s Cakes in Season formally started in 2004 by Mr. Carlo Carlos, son of Lia. Like most of us, Carlo also had to go through that phase where he couldn’t find his place in the sun. Confused…. Clueless on where to go and what to do in life.

He even reached a point wherein he got kicked out from school after 2 years as a Business Administration student. This did not hinder Carlo of course. Despite all the confusion and that-feeling-of-being-lost, he stood up, started all over again and gave it another shot…. this time, he took up Entrepreneurial Management in the University of Asia and the Pacific.

Carlo’s first attempts to propose a feasible business model for his thesis weren’t  successful as they were rejected by his professors. His mentor, Sir Larry even had to bluntly tell him, “Carlo, your business is no good. Change it.” to let him come to his senses. After that epiphany, Carlo started brainstorming with his mentor in search for other possible business concepts. His mentor asked him what his family had that was unique…… and so Carlo started thinking...uuhmm… hmmmmmm. mmmmmm….. took a stroll down on memory lane, reminisced their family get-togethers, birthday parties and fond childhood memories. Then all of a sudden, he remembered that special avocado cake , his Lola Pi invented and served in every gathering which he savored with his family up to the last crumb.

That luscious, exquisite, good to the last morsel avocado cake invented by his Lola Pi was one of those memorable flavors which brought their family together and made his youth all the more meaningful.

Perhaps, his mentor Sir Larry saw that certain sparkle in Carlo’s eyes and that tone of conviction when he blurted out, “My lola’s avocado cake!” that’s why he (Sir Larry) finally got convinced and said, “THAT will be your concept.”….. and the rest was history =)

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Thank’s to Carlo’s mom Lia, product development was a breeze. It was her  who helped him conceptualize and create unique cakes along with the support of his whole family in critiquing and analyzing every sample,  during it’s process of perfection. They formally opened their shop in November 2004 and the orders they got during Christmas time was overwhelming!

Without further adieu, I’d like to introduce to you an absolute MUST TRY when in Manila: the ORIGINAL Avocado Cake by Lia’s Cakes in Season:  invented by Lola Pi in the 60’s, perfected by his mom Lia in the 90’s and made timeless by Carlo himself for families to enjoy in generations to come!

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Introducing the Avocado Cake to the public had its share of birth pains since it was not-your-usual-dessert. According to Carlo and his very supportive wife Angel, people would usually have second thoughts and even say, “Yuck!” at first, but will eventually try it and say, “Avocado nga!” after a while.

After 10 years of bringing smiles and making every family feast extra special with their freshly baked cakes, without any preservatives, using only fresh ingredients and fruits in season, their loyal following has tremendously grown and continuously  converting people into Avocado Cake lovers’ day by day.

I would have to admit that I was one of those skeptical souls before my 1st Avocado Cake experience. But as soon as it landed on my taste buds, it was love at first bite! I had one of those rare “Ratatouille” moments where I was transported back in time when I enjoyed servings of chilled avocado in a cup with milk and sugar prepared by my mom during merienda. This cake is definitely unlike any other, for each bite sends you back in time, to a moment where life was simple, free from any woes. Simply magical!

Aside from their signature Avocado Cake, Lia’s Avocado Cheesecake is also another show stopper! 4 thumbs up!! Every minute, a swoon-per-spoon moment!

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It’s as good as the original Avocado Cake, but since I’m a cheesecake lover, I personally prefer this. =)

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Every slice launches you to palatial paradise! Zoooooooooom!!!

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To make your holiday feasts even more colorful and unique, it’s a MUST to also bring home this one-of-a-kind Puto Bumbong Cake to your holiday celebrations. “What?? Puto Bumbong made into a cake? What sorcery is this?!!!” I’m sure your relatives will go gaga when they see this on the table!

This would be a perfect sweet ending after every grand feast. Perfect with cups of your preferred coffee or hot tea.

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Oftentimes, we get lost and stumble as we journey through life… not knowing what to do or  where to go….. then finally one day, you realize that all along, the answer was just there, right in your own home. =)

Thank you so much Sir Carlo for inspiring us with your story and for sharing your family’s legacy to all of us! Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary and we wish Lia’s Cakes in Season more prosperity and more and more decades of success!

As they celebrate their 10th anniversary, we call on everyone to give honor to this Filipino culinary gem by trying it out and sharing the experience with your loved ones.!

Lia’s Cakes in Season : Home of the Original Avocado Cake. 

Created by Lola Pi in the 60’s, perfected by Mommy Lia in the 90’s and made timeless by Carlo Carlos to be enjoyed by more generations. A brand which every  Filipino should be proud of. Definitely a MUST experience when in Manila!





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Lias Cakes in Season Avocado Cake When in Manila Mae Ilagan-5

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Lia’s Cakes in Season: Celebrating 10 Years of Luscious Avocado Cake Goodness