Level Up Your Work-From-Home Station With These Must-Haves and Save Up to P500 With PayMaya This Payday

With today’s work-from-home culture and the world of virtual everything, we tend to find ourselves in need of products that will make our WFH life easier and more convenient. While building a home office may sound intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. This payday, you can get awesome savings for good buys that would instantly improve your workspace – by simply using your PayMaya app on Lazada.

From November 8-17, PayMaya is letting you save up to P1,500 by simply completing your everyday transactions using the e-wallet – including paying your bills, buying load, sending money, and even shopping.

Giving you extra savings on your WFH shopping, PayMaya lets you earn P500 in savings when you cash in at least P2,000 to your Lazada wallet via PayMaya with an upgraded account for the first time. You can enjoy this even before you start shopping so you have an extra P500 to spend on Lazada’s Biggest One-Day Sale happening this November 11.

Now that you’re ready with your savings in hand, we’ve rounded up four must-haves from Lazada that would be perfect for your home office arsenal:

Foldable Phone Holder

Foldable Phone Holder

This may seem like such a simple product, but it’s actually one of the best purchases I’ve ever made for my work-from-home life thus far. Having this phone holder at your workstation allows you to read messages as they appear on your phone without you ever having to stop what you’re doing to read them. Is someone video-calling you? Simply answer the call and keep typing as usual. Want to watch music videos or even some Netflix on the side as you work? Easy peasy. You can even fold it up and bring it with you so you can have a convenient phone holder with you wherever you go. The best part is that it’s only 35 pesos – order it now!

Tabletop Ring Light

Tabletop Ring Light

Got bad lighting at your workstation? Need better light for your virtual meetings or livestreams, but don’t have the floor space or even the desk space for a ring light? This tabletop ring light is the perfect product for you. You can simply clip it onto the side of your desk or nearby shelf to get the lighting that you need (it has three light modes!) while keeping your workspace neat and clean. The holder is extendable and movable so you can even use it to take bird’s eye shots of products if needed. Buy it now while it’s on sale at half the price!

HD Webcam

HD Webcam

If you spend a lot of time at online meetings and especially if livestreams are part of your job (or a fun hobby), it isn’t enough to just look presentable. Make a better impression by providing quality definition when you’re on cam with this Logitech webcam. Not only will you look more professional in HD, but you’ll also feel more confident when your camera quality is better. What I love the most about this particular webcam is that its built-in mic also filters out background noise so your ka-meetings won’t hear the dogs barking, the neighbors singing karaoke, or the tricycles passing by. Order it today!

Wireless Noise-Canceling Earbuds

Wireless Noise Canceling Earbuds

Background noise has simply become a part of work-from-home culture; but if you need to pay attention to seminars, workshops, training sessions, audio recordings, and meetings, noise can take quite a toll on your work life and stress you out. Avoid this by getting noise-canceling earbuds and drowning out the rest of the world while you work. When fully charged, these earbuds from Baseus can last up to five hours, and they’re cute enough to be used practically anywhere, like during errands or while you’re working out. Since they’re wireless, you can even go AFK and make some coffee without missing a thing. Buy them now while they’re on sale at half the price!

Apart from getting the best deals and savings on your WFH essentials on Lazada, there are many more ways to save on PayDay with PayMaya – all while completing your essential transactions. Here’s how you can maximize your savings with PayMaya’s PayDaySave offers:

P500 savings on Meralco bill

WFH means extra electricity consumption. Is your Meralco bill getting too high? Save up to P500 with a P2,500 minimum first-time payment as an upgraded user through PayMaya.

PayMaya Meralco

Photo by Gizelle Caoile

P500 savings on completed in-app transactions

You can also get additional P500 savings by simply completing your essential transactions – like buying load, sending money, or paying more bills. In no particular order, you’ll be able to earn a single voucher worth P500 if all of these are ticked off and your account is upgraded:

● Cash in at least P2,000 to your Lazada Wallet via the PayMaya app in a single transaction.
● Purchase P300 worth of items from the PayMaya shop in a single transaction. Prepaid load, gaming pins, prepaid content subscriptions, and lifestyle vouchers are some of the eligible purchases.
● Send money worth P1,000 each to three verified PayMaya users using the “Send Money” feature. Sending to and from a PayMaya account through bank transfers and Smart Padala is not eligible.
● Pay two unique billers worth at least P2,000 each using PayMaya’s in-app bill payment facility. Payments to billers under the “Donations” and “Others” categories, however, are not eligible.

To get more details on these awesome savings, simply visit the Missions feature on the PayMaya app, which you can find on the icon on the upper right side of the app homepage. Once you’ve availed of these offers, you can claim your cashback vouchers on the Vouchers icon of your PayMaya app.

With these deals and offers, it’s easy to turn your good buys into best buys and make the most of your hard-earned suweldo. Don’t have PayMaya yet? Register using the code WIMLOVESPAYMAYA to get P100 FOR FREE when you upgrade.