Leave a Nest Holds Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference for Deep Tech Researchers

Are you a scientific researcher that is working on innovative solutions and thought about making your own startup? Leave a Nest Group, through Leave a Nest Philippines (LVNS PH), is pushing for a Science and Technology ecosystem that fosters early education of science until the fruition of useful technologies that solves deep societal issues here in the country. 

In line with this, LVNS PH recently held their one-day Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in the Philippines 2022 (HIC PH 2022) at the Philippine Trade Training Center in Pasay City last November 5, 2022, with 183 guests, panelists, presenters, and researchers. 


Leave a Nest Group (top left) and Leave a Nest Philippines (bottom left) are proud to pool researchers from academia, government and private companies during the Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in the Philippines 2022.

This conference circled around the theme “Philippines in 3D: Data-Driven Deep Technologies” through several panel sessions, two (2) research pitching sessions, and a Poster and Booth Presentation session. In the startup-related context, simply put, Deep Tech is the category of technology that results from intensive, innovative, and scientific research and development (R&D) processes. According to the Boston Consulting Group, advanced materials, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and robotics, among others, are some of the prominent research fields that are used for deep-tech innovations with many being an intersection of these fields. 

Large portions of the conference were dedicated to digging deeper into the issues of the Philippines in terms of infrastructure, capacity-building, and available programs for enabling Filipino researchers to do data-backed deep-tech research and how the forestry, prenatal care, and energy sectors can further be aided by IT or AI technologies.


Awarding partnership agreements and investments from Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. to SOLX Technologies Inc. (left) and Galansiyang Inc. (right), 2 upcoming homegrown deep tech startup companies in the Philippines.

As a company with a vision of “Advancing Science and Technology for Global Happiness”, several announcements were made during the event. One is the physical awarding of the 5 Filipino grantees of the “Leave a Nest Grant Global Challenge Award”. This entitled them to a 50,000 Php seed research grant that they can freely use for the conduct of their research, with no restrictions on how they wanted to use it. Additionally, Leave a Nest Co., Ltd., the parent company of Leave a Nest Philippines, unveiled the partnership agreements with two (2) new deep tech startups, SOLX Technologies Inc. and Galansiyang Inc, that are pioneers in solving issues in energy management, and laborious forest rehabilitation, respectively, in the Philippines. Both companies will receive investments and projects through Leave a Nest for the accelerated development of their innovations and startup companies.

To read more about the conference, check out this link for the official news release about the HIC PH 2022: https://global.lne.st/hicph2022postevent

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