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When In Manila there are lots of options to start off your desire for an active lifestyle. If there is one particular sport that I would recommend, it would definitely be boxing. This is the first and ONLY sport that I dived head first into not knowing anything apart from hitting mitts and bags. Luckily, the gym I enrolled in provided the support and guidance that I would need to get started on my goals. Empire Boxing Gym has grown to be more than just a regular boxing gym to me, after 2 years here, it has grown to be my family.




Left Photo: starting boxing 2 years ago at 180 lbs | Right Photo: this year at 140 lbs


Why Start with Boxing?

  • Boxing is a perfect sport for those wants to lose weight because it increases your metabolism and increases your physical endurance.
  • It does not hurt your knee! Unlike exercises that require a lot of running it doesn’t put a lot strain your knee, people who packed some extra pounds would definitely feel this.
  • Boxing is FUN. Believe me punching a heavy bag with all your might is tiring but you would never feel it as much because it relieves your stress as well.
  • Boxing is easy to learn. Coaches at Empire Boxing Gym give you a routine to start with and are willing to teach you whenever you have questions.



Empire Boxing Gym: Boxing Equipment

There are nice entry level boxing gloves in just about any sports store, cheapest one that I found was around 1,700. I recommend that you get a pair of 12 ounce gloves because they are not as heavy and they provide decent protection for your hands. For hand wraps, try grabbing a pair of Fairtex stretch hand wraps.  Other popular brands like Everlast and Windy are also good.




Boxing Tip #1: Get to know your Empire Boxing Coaches

When you start boxing you will be assigned a coach who will guide you and help you get into shape. It would really be stupid to follow instructions from someone you don’t know and or trust. Get to know them, get inspired by their stories of how they prepare for competitions and learn from the best. Compare your workout routines with the way they do it themselves.

My coach, Junmar Dulog a.k.a. Coach Jay (NOT in photo) was a real inspiration especially when he starts talking about how hard his training was on Thailand. It really helps to know that he knows what he is teaching and the training that you are doing is far from physical limitations of a human body.



Boxing Tip #2: Give it EVERYTHING you got

If this is your first time boxing, you will likely be done after a 30 minute session. It would be likely that your body will be sore the next day and you will probably have no energy. However, don’t ever let that stop you from beginning your boxing routine. The coaches will be more than happy to take it easier on you if you told them, plus you get a free massage at the end of your training which helps soothe those tired muscles.

The key here is to slowly make boxing a habit. It usually takes 21 days to form a habit so I suggest that you consistently box for three weeks and you will not want to stop.


Boxing Tip #3: Don’t Stop Learning

Never just rely on the wisdom of your coaches because some of them are better at walking the walk than talking the talk. Learn things from youtube or boxing forums, then verify them with your coaches. You will find that doing it this way will quickly improve your technique as well as improve your stamina.


Boxing Tip #4: Be Friends with Other People from the Gym

You will find that your gym mates from Empire boxing are really friendly. The owner coach Robert Del Rosario is super friendly and even trains other members as well. He is also open to feedback from the members and acts on them immediately.

The atmosphere in the gym is not very intimidating as well, which is almost like a family that supports each other. Anyone from the gym won’t discriminate you regardless of your physique, gender, age and race. So make the most out of it and meet comrades that will help you reach your fitness goals.




Boxing Tip #5: Start your First Boxing Session Immediately

I would like to put full emphasis on the word IMMEDIATELY. No excuses and no delaying to next week or the month after. Doing this would be a good jump start to achieving your fitness goals. After that follow up sessions will add fuel to your inspiration. So what are you waiting for go and run to an Empire boxing gym and start boxing immediately. There is one last tip



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