Leann’s Tea House UNLIMITED Samgyeopsal and Woosamgyup Giveaway

Just last year, When in Manila shared some of the delicious Korean dishes from Leann’s Tea House. This year we’re giving two lucky When in Manila readers a chance to try this restaurant’s awesome UNLIMITED Samgyeopsal (pork belly) and Woosamgyup (beef belly). So who would want to pass that up? 

Would you rather try Leann’s Kimchi Bokkumbap? For just Php180 you and a friend can enjoy a delicious amalgamation of flavors: spicy-sweet kimchi, pork, carrots and fried egg.  

Kimchi-Rice-Leanns-Tea-House-Mother-Ignacia Kimchi Bokkumbap Php180

Or maybe you would rather try Leann’s ever famous deep-fried Tonkatsu Kimbap:

Leanns-Bestselling-Tonkatsu-KimbapTonkatsu Kimbap: Seaweed rice rolls wrapped with breaded pork, Php250

Or a piping hot bowl of sweet beef stew? Leann’s Tea House serves Galbi Jjim, a hearty, Korean dish made of succulent, tender pieces of beef and sweet, imported dates. Might just be the cure for your hangover, each bowl tastes great with white rice.

The medium bowl (Php450) is good for 2-3 people, while the large bowl (Php720) can feed 4-5 people. 

Fill your belly with some belly… pork and beef belly, that is. If you haven’t eaten Korean BBQ to your heart’s content, this is your chance. Turn to the next page to join the GIVEAWAY!