Lea Salonga Furious at Audience Members Who Kept Using Their Phones During ‘Sweeney Todd’ Show

Lea Salonga has once again taken to social media to express her frustration over audience members not following basic theater etiquette.

On Twitter, Lea did not mince words when she called those who kept using their phones while watching Lea’s current show, Sweeney Todd the Musical, “entitled” and “moronic.”

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She then wrote a longer post on Facebook, urging everyone who can’t stay off their phone during the entirety of the play to not come to the theater at all. “Not only are you a distraction to the actors, but you’re also a nuisance to the other patrons sitting around you that actually want to be there,” she said.

“If you’re only going to show off that you can afford it, but don’t actually possess the manners, keep your a*** at home. We’ve been trying so hard with the cellphone advisories on social media and in the theater. And even with our own unique take that happens just before the orchestral downbeat. Our ushers are also working hard, telling you twice to put your phone away. TWICE! But you’re just either too dense or entitled to think that it applies to you, it seems,” she continued.

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Just six months ago, Lea warned people to refrain from using their phones during theater shows and concerts as it was disrespectful to everyone in the room.

She wrote on her social media accounts: “Soooooo yeah. More cellphone users at plays and concerts. You guys have zero manners, zero breeding, zero empathy. If all you’re gonna do while sitting in the front row of a play is hunch over your phone, do everyone a favor and leave. Your presence is disruptive and disrespectful to the actors and the audience. Take your entitled a** somewhere else.”

“Money may get you theater tickets and your state-of-the-art cellphone, but it can’t buy you class,” she added.

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