Larry’s Cafe and Bar: Quality Comfort Food in Serendra


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When in Manila, get a taste of quality comfort food at Larry’s Cafe and Bar in Serendra.



Larry’s Cafe and Bar has a warm, welcoming interior suitable for lunch or dinner gatherings with family and friends. The laid back atmosphere is a perfect reflection of their selection of comfort food that make you feel right at home.






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We were fortunate enough to be invited to Larry’s Cafe and Bar to get a taste of this home made goodness with a selection of dishes, drinks and desserts from their menu.


For starters we were served the Taco Salad with Jalapeno dressing, Onion soup and Pumpkin and Bacon soup and Spanish Callos.




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The Taco Salad is one of their newest additions to the menu and is basically a disassembled Taco with junks of beef, tomato, and cheese tossed with nacho chips, lettuce, black olives, onions and jalapeno slices. The homemade Jalapeno dressing was tangy, spicy and a little bit sweet, however, I felt that the salad tasted good even without the dressing.


Taco Salad P299






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The Pumpkin and Bacon Soup had an interesting surprise with the chunks of ham which added another dimension of flavor to the creamy, sweetness of the pumpkin. This soup needs to be eaten relatively fast as it cools off quickly and tastes best when it is still very warm.


Pumpkin and Bacon Soup P145






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Larry’s Onion Soup was probably my favorite of all the starters. The clear soup was loaded with shredded onion and was covered with gruyere cheese that was still bubbling as it was served. The broth had just the right intensity of flavor, infused with the caramel-like sweetness of the onions which blended exquisitely with the melted cheese. It tastes especially good when eaten with the bread it is served with.


Larry’s Onion Soup P185





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The Spanish style Callos had a mild, well-combined flavor with large chunks of peppers, chick peas, ox tripe, ox skin, and chorizo in tomato sauce. I particularly enjoyed fishing out the slices of Spanish sausage which had a distinctive cured taste. The slightly spicy mix of herbs really stimulated my taste buds waking them up for the next round of dishes they would serve.


Callos P195




Next they rolled out the Moringa Ravioli and their signature Larry’s Cafe Burger.





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The Moringa Ravioli was certainly a special treat. A home made recipe, the ravioli is made with Moringa (also known as Malunggay) making it a very healthy alternative to the typically flour based pasta. The filling is a mix of feta cheese, carrots, cashews and onions and is slathered with a rich, cheesy tomato sauce. I personally favor anything drowning in tomato sauce and loaded with cheese, so this was a particularly enjoyable dish to eat.


Moringa Ravioli P295




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The Larry’s Grand Burger definitely made it on to my list of must try burgers in Manila. The beef patty is especially tasty and is apparently made from a secret recipe. I know that a lot of restaurant’s claim to use secret recipe’s, but I am convinced that Larry’s Cafe and Bar has a very special one indeed. You can really taste the quality of the meat which is not overloaded with too much extra flavoring and is grilled to a juicy perfection. Laid out on a tomato-lettuce bed, the special patty is topped with a thick slice of gruyere cheese and sandwiched between a toasted sesame seed bun. The meaty burger is balanced out with a serving of fresh viniagrette dressed salad and french fries served on the side.


Larry’s Grand Burger P350





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A most pleasant and unexpected finish was the Spinach Souffle, which is a savory dessert. I’ve never heard of such thing as a savory desert before, but after trying the Spinach Souffle in Larry’s Cafe and Bar, it just made sense. Baked like a typical souffle, the dish is a fluffly mass of emental and gruyere cheese loaded with spinach. Crack through the crusty, cheesy dome and you will find a soft and spongy insides which have a texture similar to a very airy quiche. It’s too light to be considered a meal, yet heavenly enough to be considered desert. It’s definitely something you’d want to order if you’re looking for a light and tasty treat and can be eaten on its own or after a meal. They also have a couple sweet souffles such as mango or chocolate.


Spinach Souffle P275



And next, on to the sweet stuff. We were served a selection of their special drinks: the Tamarind Shake, Mango Mint Soda, Green Mango Shake and the Fruity Tea Frappe.

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Drinking the Tamarind Shake, it was the first time I’ve ever tried tamarind in liquid form and it was surprisingly refreshing. Perhaps a little too much on the sweet side, but the tangy tamarind was quite pleasant on the taste buds.


Tamarind Shake P135




The Mango Mint Soda was an unusual combination of flavors I never considered would complement each other. And to be completely honest, I still don’t think that they complement each other at all. The Mango Mint soda was overwhelmingly minty, as was suspected from the violently green soda. It tasted a little bit like bubbly mouth wash with chunks of semi sour mango floating around. This is a drink I probably would not order another time.


Mango Mint Soda P125


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The Green Mango Shake on the other hand was spot on. It had just the right amount of sourness, making it a cool, refreshing, palate-cleansing drink.


Green Mango Shake P120


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The Fruity Tea Frappe was another surprisingly delicious discovery. Made with mango and Earl Grey Tea, the ice blended drink was creamy, fruit and a little bit minty. I enjoyed the combination of the tea flavor with the fruityness of the mango and sweetness of the cream. It’s a great drink to order on a hot day!


Fruity Tea Frappe P105




Our dinner at Larry’s Cafe and Bar was topped off with a slice of Banana Toffee Pie and Chocolate Decadence which were made in their in-house bakery.





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The Banana Toffee Pie had a generous serving of bananas completely enveloped in toffee and topped with cream and chocolate shavings. They certainly didn’t scrimp on any of the ingredients making each spoonful a satisfying bite of banana toffee goodness.


Banana Toffee Pie P150





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The Chocolate Decadence was a classic, rich slice of chocolate cake. As simple as it was, the quality of the chocolate was apparent with every mouthful. In spite of how it may look, it’s sweetness was not at all cloying and if I weren’t so full from the meal, I could easily imagine finishing an entire slice!


Chocolate Decadence P195




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Ms. Gie from Larry’s Cafe and Bar graciously hosted us during our dinner.





Overall, Larry’s Cafe and Bar served a selection of sure-shot dishes that can be easily enjoyed during any occassion. They are simple yet made with quality ingredients that makes all the difference in flavor. Price-wise, it may be a little on the high range, but is justified with the good selection and great taste.



When in Manila, get a taste of quality comfort food at Larry’s Cafe and Bar in Serendra.







Larry’s Cafe and Bar

G/F Serendra
Retailer Area
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Tel: 856 0527/ 919 6018

Sunday to Thursday: 7am – Midnight
Friday to Saturday: 7am – 2am

Deliveries for minimum purchase of P500 within Serendra







Larry’s Cafe and Bar: Quality Comfort Food in Serendra

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