Lagom: Healthy, Guilt-Free Desserts in a Jar

Are you on the lookout for healthy and guilt-free desserts? Mara of Lagom is a singer/songwriter and a single mother of a 1-year-old beautiful baby girl. Growing up in a family where women are gifted at cooking and who love to bake a lot; Mara shares that she learned how to respect every ingredient to make flavorful food. Although she never was able to spend much time in the kitchen before because of work, she has finally been able to do so because of the pandemic. Plus, since she needed to find a way to earn and pay what needs to be paid to provide for her daughter, she decided to start Lagom.

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Mara shares that she used to have an extreme sweet tooth. However, after giving birth, things as simple as strawberry jam started to taste too sweet for her. That’s when she went online to search for the right desserts to bake for her family. “I figured: why don’t I put my own twist in desserts I love – just the right amount of flavor, not too sweet but still addicting,” she shares. “Living up to Lagom, which means ‘just the right amount’, I chose these desserts because they’re normally the first thing I order when they’re available in cafes.”

Photo from Lagom

Since Mara also has friends and colleagues who are slowly turning vegan, she tweaked a classic cookie recipe to make it vegan – no eggs, no dairy and definitely less sugar! She definitely isn’t done yet, though. She still bakes non-stop to create more healthy, guilt-free desserts that are going to be available for the most wonderful time of the year.

Photo from Lagom

Lagom’s desserts aren’t just perfect for the holiday season, though; they are perfect for any occasion as they can make any time of day feel special. The best part is that can eat several slices of their cakes or even eat a dozen of their vegan cookies sans the guilt!

Mara adds that she carefully picks out the finest ingredients to ensure that her customers get nothing but the best experience. Check them out today!



Instagram: @lagom.treats

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