Kylie Verzosa Admits to Spitting on Maxine Medina During Taping

Following a controversial blind item that Dianne Medina posted on her Facebook page, Kylie Verzosa owned up to spitting on fellow beauty queen Maxine Medina during the taping of their series Los Bastardos.

The issue began when Medina’s cousin, Dianne Medina, ranted on Facebook about an unnamed celebrity spitting on a relative (who fans assumed was Medina) while taping a scene even though it wasn’t on the script.

“Girl, RESPECT pls,” Dianne said on her Facebook post. “Minsan lang ako status Girl, wag ang pamilya ko! [“I rarely post a status, girl, don’t mess with my family!”]”

Verzosa admitted to the issue, telling ABS-CBN News, “Kontrabida pa ako so minsan nadadala talaga sa eksena. You can’t help it, minsan may extra slap, sampal, nasasaktan talaga,”

[“I’m a villain in the show so sometimes I get carried away in my scene. You can’t help it, sometimes there’s an extra slap. People get hurt sometimes.”]

The Miss International 2016 titleholder cleared that she already apologized to Medina, who is the Miss Universe Philippines 2016. According to Verzosa, “Right after, we talked with Max and everything is okay already. Pareho kaming okay.”

[“Right after, we talked with Max and everything is okay already. We are both okay.”]

However, fans are speculating that not all is well, since both queens are not following each other on Instagram.

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