Kylie Jenner And Tyga Had A Super Awkward Run-In At Coachella

When two high-profile celebrities date and break up, they’re bound to run into each other in the most awkward scenarios ever.

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Just weeks after their split, Kylie Jenner and Tyga both went to Coachella — because which celeb wasn’t at the music festival?

— and had a reunion that was just really short of awkward as they both attended the same show!

19-year-old Kylie and 27-year-old Tyga were both at Kendrick Lamar’s Coachella performance, and it seems that the two couldn’t avoid each other despite the huge crowd. According to Hollywood reports, the two shared an awkward hug, and that Kylie looked “really sad” when she left!

Yet that’s not all as the plot thickens — Kendrick even brought Travis Scott as a surprise guest, who is said to be seeing the youngest Kardashian!

Tyga even supposedly left the scene in the middle of Kendrick’s and Travis’ number.

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