Kristen Stewart is Playing Princess Diana in a Movie and This Picture Had Us FLOORED

So…if you all don’t know yet, Kristen Stewart (yes, vampire-loving Bella Swan from Twilight) is playing Princess Diana in an upcoming movie about the late royal. Yes. The Princess Diana. What.

Obviously, there were a lot of naysayers when this was first announced mid-last year. The film, titled Spencer (after Princess Di’s maiden last name), is directed by Pablo Larraín — the same director of the Oscar-nominated film Jackie with Natalie Portman in 2016. According to reports, Spencer will cover the later moments of the Princess and Prince Charles’ marriage in the early 90s, centering around that time when Princess Diana realized she no longer wanted to be married nor stay in the royal family.

But here’s what got the internet going crazy. Recently, the movie production dropped a first look at K-Stew dressed as the Princess, and we are #dying. We had to take a double look because, um, well:

Nope. That’s not Princess Diana. That’s Kristen Stewart, y’all!

This, is Princess Diana:

Pool Tim Graham Picture Library Getty ImagesImage: Pool, Tim Graham Picture Library, Getty Images

Do you think Kristen Stewart will play the role well as Princess Diana? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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