Korean woman throws a 3-month old puppy to death after being turned down for a refund

A Korean woman reportedly threw a puppy to its death when she couldn’t get a refund at a pet shop in Gangneun, Gangwon Province, South Korea. She allegedly wanted a refund after the puppy, a 3-month old Maltese, ate its own feces. But the owner refused to do so, as the guaranteed 10-day warranty contract does not include coprophagy.

According to Korean news outlets, the owner texted the woman saying: “It died. I will also be filing a lawsuit for animal abuse and libel.”

However, the woman threatened the elderly owner saying: “You killed it on purpose, didn’t you? I feel worse for the puppies that are sold there. Go ahead and file a libel suit. I’ll file a suit for everything that I can, too.”

And also added, “You must not know how scary Facebook is these days. As expected of an outdated person. I understand, too,” when the owner told her she can do whatever she wants.

But when the CCTV footage of her throwing the dog came out, the woman instantly asked for forgiveness.

She said to Korean news agency Yonghap News, “The owner said he could give me a refund but he didn’t want to because he was upset (with me), so I threw it out of anger. I didn’t know it would actually die.”

Another news site released another statement from the woman involved: “I didn’t think the dog would die. I feel terrible about the dog and regret it very much. I became angry at the pet store owner’s statement that he could give me a refund but that he wouldn’t because he was offended. The following day after calming my nerves, I sent the dog and the owner a long message of apology and I was shocked to hear of the dog’s death. I admit I’ve committed an act worthy of criticism. I don’t want to make this issue any bigger. I will reflect upon my actions for the rest of my life. In spring, I will volunteer at a shelter.”

Watch the full video below:

What kind of human would throw a 3-month old puppy?