Korean Palace Restaurant: A Piece of Seoul in Manila

In recent years, hallyu (Korean wave) has truly taken the Philippines by storm, and we embraced Korean culture with open arms, from their K-dramas to the ever-catchy K-Pop, as well as their cuisine as evidenced by the number of samgyeopsal promos all over the city!

Korean Palace 11

Yet while we’re busy scouring the metro for Korean buffets, there’s one restaurant that’s worth the revisit: they’ve only been doing samgyeopsal for almost 30 years, after all. In the midst of the words of today’s youth, Korean Palace in Malate, Manila is the OG in Korean samgyeopsal!

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Korean Palace is an old secret in Malate, and perhaps one of the best-kept ones: various public figures are known to frequent the place, such as President-Mayor Joseph Estrada.

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Korean Palace 14

Enter Korean Palace’s wooden doors and it’s like being transported to a joint in Seoul. The place still exudes an old-school charm, with an air of sophistication — the space is huge and the interiors are authentically Korean, with the materials shipped from Korea, and their servers are happily decked in dinner vests, making each customer feel like a VIP. Still, that shouldn’t stop you from visiting as their food gives great value for money.

Korean Palace 13

There are no buffet tables as one may be accustomed to in newer Korean joints, yet the real experience is in sitting down and letting the grill do its magic. While other restaurants would boast of copious amounts of food, Korean Palace has both quality and quantity in their dishes, with premium ingredients, hefty servings with authentic flavors that can’t be replicated.

Korean Palace

The sides at Korean Palace are generous and unlimited

We wish we had known this earlier before ordering, as when the food arrived, there may have been too much food for our group of 4 — one of Korean Palace’s best features is their unlimited sides, which are generously given!

Korean Palace 8

Korean Palace 3

Korean Palace 7

Korean Palace 2

Hyeo’gui’i (Beef tongue) is ready for grilling

While there are classic favorites such as the samgyeopsal (grilled pork), tempura (light and perfectly crisp!) and kimbap, we also tried Korean Palace’s specialty dishes: there’s the hyeo’gui’i or beef tongue, which upon grilling, becomes tender and buttery-tasting.

Korean Palace 4

Korean beef tartare

One of the dishes that also took us by surprise was the yuk’hoe or Korean beef tartare. While it could seem unusual to a diner who is new to the dish, the tartare has a fresh, almost sweet taste as the meat they use is of high quality. A definite must try!

Korean Palace 6

If you’re a fan of jjamppong-flavored noodles, then the real deal would prove to be a delight. Korean Palace’s jjamppong is rich and full of flavor, with just the right amount of heat. You can clearly taste the seafood in the broth. Those who are scared of spicy flavors may be surprised to discover that the soup is not as hot as expected.

Korean Palace 16

Another group favorite was the galbijjim (braised beef ribs), with meat that’s so tender it falls off the bone. The stew is rich and savory, almost reminiscent of a Korean version of pares.

Korean Palace 5

The gyeranjjim (steamed egg) is a fluffy egg soufflé-like dish teeming with various toppings

-Korean Palace 15

Assuming you’ve got room to spare for more food after the enormous servings, go for their selection of Korean desserts. This waffle dessert with red bean and vanilla ice cream inside was particularly enjoyable.

Korean Palace 10

Whether you’re taking your family, friends, a date, or even just yourself, you’ll leave with happy tummies at Korean Palace.

They also accept reservations for parties, where you can have your own buffet, sound system and karaoke! Their deals offer great bang for your buck, so contact them through their Facebook page or call them for more details.

Korean Palace



Open from 11AM–3PM5–11PM

1799 M. Adriatico St, Malate, Manila, Metro Manila

(02) 521-6695