3 Korean Beauty Devices You Should Add To Your Skin Care Arsenal Now

Jealous of the stunning skin of Korean celebrities? A lot of people will agree that Koreans know their skincare. With so many popular Korean skincare brands out there, this really isn’t any wonder. If you are interested in upping your skin care game, then you might want to check out these Korean beauty devices available at Urbanessence.

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Urbanessence is a duly-licensed beauty and wellness center offering high-quality treatments for skin care, face and body contouring, whitening, laser hair removal, IV infusion, nail care, massage therapy, semi-permanent makeup, and non-surgical cosmetic enhancements tailor fit for people who simply want to look good and feel better at very affordable rates.

Recognizing its huge potential for growth and to accommodate its growing clientele, the owners decided to open up branches all over Metro Manila and expand their skin care line so that people have devices that they can use from the comforts of their own homes. These Urbanessence Essentials will surely make your skin glow and make you feel rejuvenated!

Collagen Snail Serum with Tomato Extract

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Urbanessence’s Collagen Face Serum is packed with niacinamide, and snail and tomato extract to help brighten and tighten your skin, as well as prevent acne and minimize pores. Urbanessence recommends using this serum every night, but you can also apply it before using the following devices in the morning or at night:

Beauty Wand

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This multi-purpose beauty device is composed of deep cleansing features, light therapy modes,, and skin infusion technology for slimming, lifting, anti-aging, brightening, and product absorption. It also repairs textured skin, and heals acne. Its different functions include RF, EMS, Ultrasonic, Galvanic, and LED therapy.

Aurora Lumin Mask

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You’ve definitely seen this 10-minute photon mask by now. Great for skin brightening, collagen production, and acne prevention; it offers three different LED settings. The red light is for anti-aging, the blue light is for acne prevention, and the orange light is for skin brightening.

Eyelift Device

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As seen on the left,, this high-class Ionic Therapy Gadget minimizes the appearance of puffiness and dry under-eyes, and prevents premature aging. Its three main features are Ultrasonic to reduce fine lines and promote product absorption, Heat to reduce puffiness and dark circles, and Massager to relive your eyes of fatigue and strain.

They also have other products available, including Instaglow Lotion to nourish your skin for a lighter complexion and youthful glow, Sunblock Mist with SPF 50 for the ultimate protection from harmful UVB and UV rays, Intensive Bleaching Soap for instant skin whitening, Miracle Bleach, and a 3-in-1 Fat Burning Device.

Urbanessence carefully chose their products based on their clients’ needs and to treat different skin problems. Aside from offering high-quality and affordable treatments, Urbanessence hopes to be an oasis for anyone who wants to regain the balance in their lives through expertly-crafted skincare products and holistic treatments.

They also have branches all over the Metro, including Kamias, Makati, SM Manila, SM Fairview, Commonwealth, N.S Amoranto, BGC, Pampanga and soon to open in Tarlac and SM BF Parañaque.

Urbanessence Beauty and Wellness

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