KMC Solutions Inaugurates Flexible Office Spaces in a High-Vacancy Real Estate Market

KMC Solutions, a longtime innovator of flexible office space, is unveiling a spectrum of hybrid co-working spaces that meet the demands of the current work and real estate circumstances. Even with many renewed construction projects underway, workplace shifts caused by the pandemic have resulted in fully completed buildings with many unclaimed or underutilized office spaces. Vacancies rose from 11.2% to 16.2% over a one-year period as many businesses continue to prioritize a remote workforce and refrain from the expenses of a large-scale office setup.


The team at KMC Solutions has recognized that new workspaces must actually reflect the new ways people work. This means creating flexible office space for collaboration and an efficient assortment of business uses. Because so many companies elect for a hybrid work model — a combination of both in-office and work-from-home hours — the new, flexible office space must offer employees a social environment that’s available throughout the week on an as- needed basis — a place for work, along with check-ins, periodic meetings, and team-building functions.

The offices provide a valuable coworking space free from the overreach of an entrenched nine- to-five environment. Gian Reyes, VP of Marketing for KMC Solutions, states, “Despite the high vacancy rates, the market has expressed interest in flexible spaces that enable hybrid work while saving on the time and administrative costs of traditional office settings.”

Because employees aren’t traveling for hours to their workplace, smaller multi-use office spaces or de-consolidated spaces provide the best of both worlds, with safety and functionality at the forefront. KMC Solutions understands why people thrive in coworking spaces. The leasing agency works with companies to help them to leverage social capital through thoughtful amenities in inviting spaces with customizable options for both individual productivity and facilitated group engagement.

The well-distributed, distraction-free spaces offer an accessible setting for small businesses, freelancers, or specific divisions of global organizations. The spaces’ adaptability accommodates a variety of work styles for employees, partners, colleagues, and professionals looking to network, take on team projects, or simply take a break from their home office.

Reyes states, “People work best however they’re naturally programmed to work. Flexible workspaces give employees the freedom to adjust their environment in whatever way works for them. Whether an individual works best lounging on a sofa or settled in an office with other co-workers, a flexible workspace can help accommodate everybody.”

KMC Solutions will shortly expand its flexible office space opportunities. The One Ayala Tower will soon be housing KMC’s serviced offices on the 6th to 11th floors, with the location opening its doors this October, offering a comprehensive set of flexible workspace solutions on six fully serviced floors — a total of 2,133 seats and 10,663 square meters of space. The building’s prime location along Ayala Avenue provides easy access to transport hubs, pedestrian-friendly elevated walkways, shopping malls, and a wide section of restaurants.


Other upcoming availabilities include Axis Tower in partnership with Filinvest, with 409 seats and 2,047 square meters, Skyrise 4A with 230 seats and 1,150 square meters, Skyrise 4B with 490 seats and 2,450 square meters, and Lexmark with 1,215 seats and 5,590 square meters.

“Real estate is too great of an asset for companies to be saddled with empty offices and unused meeting rooms. With the changing needs of both employers and employees, we are confident the market demand for smaller flexible spaces will continue to grow,” Reyes concludes. “We are honored to be trusted by some of the most innovative startups, partners, and global brands currently doing business in the Philippines.”

KMC Solutions is the largest flexible space and talent-as-a-service provider in the Philippines. Their flexible workspaces and network of top talent provide streamlined resources for business operations. With over a decade of helping the world’s most disruptive brands grow and thrive, the KMC team provides clients with everything they need to succeed — from office space to talented offshore teams — and continually facilitates bold business ventures in the Philippines. KMC Solutions has gone on to create and oversee the largest collection of coworking spaces in the Philippines, including 67 floors across 26+ buildings. This equates to 19,008 seats and 100,376 square meters of space, with more arriving shortly. To learn more, visit kmc.solutions.