Kizuna no Allele Season 2 is Coming Soon

Kizuna no Allele Season 2 is coming in October 2023 while a re-broadcast of Season 1 will also be commencing on TV Tokyo on July 4!

Kizuna no Allele Season 2 image e1687820170684

Photo from Kizuna no Allele Partners

Kizuna no Allele started last April and its 12-episode run finished in June. Following the formation of PathTLive, members Miracle, Quan, Noelle, Cris, and Riz will finally compete in the heat of battle at the Virtual Grid Awards. In Season 2, BRT5, VICONIC, and 3DM8 will also make an appearance so we can look forward to seeing how the girls interact with each other.

The anime isn’t the only thing to look forward to, either. The Alleles Project is also active on video distribution services with more than 100 videos uploaded to their YouTube channel. This is a series that continues to maintain strong momentum, so make sure to check it out!

SHININGi will also be released on Youtube Premium tonight. Watch out for it here:

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