Kitchen Diaries: Creating Cakes Out of Your Favorite Treats

I believe most 90’s kids grew up loving Chocnut. I mean, who wouldn’t? I remember treating myself to a pack of this peanut buttery chocolate treat whenever homework and school projects stressed me out. And I must say it brings back quite a number of fond childhood memories, too.

The same love for Chocnut gave birth to Kitchen Diaries‘ signature artisinal cake. A former bank employee, owner Anj decided to venture into food business with her boyfriend and pursue her passion for baking. Thus, the birth of Kitchen Diaries, now a favorite desserts haven situated in Kapitolyo, Pasig.

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The interiors of Kitchen Diaries play with pastel colors like baby pink and light blue. On the walls are inspirational quotes from Anj’s favorite sites. The ambiance is very relaxing and will make you feel like a kid again.

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This counter may be small, but this is where wonder is at work.

My mini get-together with my childhood best buddies was very timely for my visit to Kitchen Diaries. We initially planned to have pizza and all that oily stuff, but later on decided to try this interesting desserts haven instead. We made the right decision and I will tell you why:

kitchen diaries 10

Kitchen Diaries’ signature artisinal cake — Chocnut Banoffee Cake (P1,300/whole)

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Chocnut Banoffee Cake (P140/slice)

If you are also a Chocnut-lover, you will definitely find this staple fulfilling. The Banoffee cake can stand on its own, but topped with Chocnut bits? It is absolutely something! After all, banana is always best paired with choc, and having Chocnut to complement the fruit’s flavor is a huge plus. It’s the store’s best-seller, too – no wonder about that!

kitchen diaries 17

Oreo Mousse Cake (P1,400/whole)

kitchen diaries 18

Oreo Mousse Cake (P150/slice)

This Oreo Mousse Cake can easily win the hearts of many and the reason for that is already given. Oreo is also one of the snacks most of us grew up having in our lunchboxes or at home. It is also a favorite ingredient for dessert. This choco fix is a must-try, primarily because it is Oreo and the consistency of the mousse is perfect. It is not too sweet, either, leaving space to keep wanting more.

kitchen diaries 8

Mango Hershey’s Cake (P1,400/whole)

kitchen diaries 6

Mango Hershey’s Cake (P150/slice)

Kitchen Diaries cakes’ are inspired by their loyal fanbase. Since guests’ choices vary, Anj came up with the idea of creating homemade desserts with their clients’ favorite chocolate treats. So don’t think twice and grab a slice of this rich, delicious cake if you love Hershey’s. Or have a whole cake to celebrate a special occasion.

kitchen diaries 20

Rainbow Bright (P99)

If you’re looking for something to cheer you up on a stressful or a lonely day, fork your way through this picturesque cake, which is also ideal for a summer-themed party.

Aside from these yummy cakes, Kitchen Diaries also offers equally delicious waffles and luscious drinks. These will surely keep you saying “Mmmm…” and “Oooooohhhhh…” in between forkfuls and sips.

kitchen diaries 16

Oreo Waffle with Ice Cream (P150)

Now, if you are a fan of Oreo but don’t want a cake, Kitchen Diaries has the Oreo Waffle. My friends love it because the waffle is excellent on its own. When you put Oreo bits, whipped cream, cereals and ice cream on top of that, however, what you will have is something that bursts with flavors. How I wish my mom treated me with this with every A+ grade I had when I was still in school.


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