Kisses Delavin Wants Fans to Stop Pitting Her Against Other Women in DonKiss Fandom War

Kisses Delavin is pleading to fans of her former loveteam with Donny Pangilinan to stop initiating fandom wars against Donny’s current onscreen partner.


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In an Instagram post, Kisses uploaded her statement regarding rumors she heard of DonKiss supporters planning to assemble at ABS-CBN last Sunday, June 16, 2019, to “appeal” for the comeback of the DonKiss love team.

“I apologize for the social media blackout. I believe that my supporters have the right to know that the ‘DonKiss’ partnership has long been over,” the actress revealed.

She continued, “I felt how strongly they want to fight for this ship despite the despites, as it is not just because of the ship itself but the family found in one another. I respect their feelings. However, as much as I understand the bleeding hearts of my supporters, I am NOT in favor of this fandom war of my DonKiss supporters against the other ship of my former on-screen partner to go on any further.”

“I shall not permit myself to be involved in a situation wherein two girls are to suffer being pitted against each other, a war they may not even want to be in, just to earn the ‘victory’ of being a guy’s loveteam,” she added.

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Kisses did not mention the name of the actress currently involved with Donny with whom she claims fans are pitting her against.

Kisses and Donny’s last project was ABS-CBN television series Playhouse which also stars Angelica Panganiban and Zanjoe Marudo.

Were you a DonKiss fan as well? What do you think about Kisses’ statement?