Kiss the Tiramisu: The Famous Korean Dessert Cafe is now in the Philippines!

Photos by: Sky Gavin / Video by: Cholo Isungga (@alterstar)

Korea is infusing its wonderful culture in many, many ways in the Philippines. From films and shows to music all the way to the food industry, they have now made their way into to our desserts. 

Bingsu (shaved iced) has always been top-of-mind when it comes to Korean sweets. Now, Kiss The Tiramisu is introducing a new kind of dessert—an ice cream, to be specific—that may just become your new go-to treat. 

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Kiss The Tiramisu is a famous dessert café in Korea that has finally made its first mark in the Philippines at Valero, Makati. As the name suggests, they specialize in Tiramisu, transforming the famous coffee cake into a different kind of masterpiece: a creamy, decadent ice cream with your choice of topping served in a majestic goblet. This creation is such a bestseller that they managed to put up branches in Canada, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.   

What makes their soft-serve irresistible is that each serving of the Tiramisu Ice Cream is made from quality Korean ingredients. Upon tasting it, you will immediately be able to tell that it’s very milky and creamy in taste and velvety in texture. To top it all off, it is presented in an acrylic goblet for an even more premium look.

P.S. You can actually take the goblet home! It’s good for at least two washes until it discolors. 

They have 4 flavors of ice cream available: Classic Tiramisu, Matcha Tiramisu, Injeolmi Tiramisu, and the Midas Touch. The Midas Touch is only available in the Philippines, by the way. Skillfully concocted by Chef Kat Diploma, she made use of Pinoy-favorite ube and leche flan as the item’s main ingredients and topped it off with a flake of 24k Gold.W hy not, right? With a goblet like that, it’s only right to feel like royalty!  

All of Kiss The Tiramisu’s ice cream are patterned the same way. First, they smudge a whole lot of mascarpone cheese onto one side of the goblet. This makes all the difference because it’s what gives Kiss The Tiramisu uniqueness and extra decadence with every bite.

Next, they fill up the goblet with their own soft-serve halfway through the cup before adding toppings in the middle. Then, they continue to twirl some ice cream until the goblet is full, and finish it off with some beautiful powder, syrup, and, of course, more toppings.

My favorite is the Injeolmi (or Soy Bean) Tiramisu Ice Cream. They place pieces of rice cakes into it, pour Injeolmi sauce in the middle, drizzle it with more sauce and dust it off with some soy bean powder. All of the flavors are magnificent, but this nutty and semi-sweet unique Korean taste is just too good to pass up.  

Aside from the soft serves, they also sell classic Tiramisu cakes. Koreans present it in a box to make it look personalized – kind of like giving a gift to someone in an aesthetically-pleasing package. Chef Kat shared that Koreans love to drink coffee, so they made it a point to make the coffee taste in their cakes as prominent as possible. This is what makes their tiramisu stand out.  

Since it was mentioned that Koreans love coffee, of course, they included a variety of it in their drinks menu. Whether you like it hot or cold, you can expect the strength of the coffee to be intense because they actually use double espresso shots in every drink (except for the Matcha Latte). As such, a single cup of their coffee can already give you a kick that will help you stay awake throughout the day.

Their Tiramisu Ice Cream Latte is really good because it’s both strong and sweet at the same time, thanks to their soft serve. It’s enough to satisfy your dessert craving; plus, it will definitely keep you up.

We also love the Tiramisu Affogato, especially because of how it is served. First, they’ll give you a glass with their ice cream and some espresso. Then, you pour the shot onto their famous ice cream and drink away. This one is definitely stronger that the rest because it’s purely made of espresso, so drink at your own risk! 

Other notable drinks include the Matcha Latte and Caramel Macchiato.  

Right now, this is their only branch, so head on to Makati and see what the craze is all about. It’s going to shed a new light on tiramisu, which you surely won’t be kissing goodbye anytime soon! 

Kiss the Tiramisu

Three Central Building, Valero Street, Makati 


Instagram: @KissTheTiramisuPH 


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