Kisara Yakitori Bar: Japanese Comfort Food at its Finest

When you think about Japanese Food, one would quickly think about gorgeously plated sushi and freshly cut sashimi. But have you ever thought of trying Japanese cuisine out of what is usual? Travel an hour or two to Quezon City’s food mecca in UP Village and experience a one of a kind Japanese comfort food exploration at Kisara Yakitori Bar.

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Located at Food Centrale, one of the newest food parks in the area, Kisara Yakitori Bar serves delicious yakitori and then some. Starting off with a few but interesting dishes in their menu, Kisara promises to deliver flavorful dishes that will satisfy your hunger.

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Their flagship dish, the Chiratori Set (PHP 195.00), includes a skewer of chicken meat, liver, heart, and tail, as well as a bacon wrapped quail egg, served with a hearty serving of curry rice. Pair together with one of their refreshing drinks, and bam. Meal complete.

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Don’t feel like eating rice? You can also order the skewers separately, or you can opt to order an Okonomiyaki (PHP 145.00). Their okonomiyaki, or ‘the dancing pancake’, is a combination of bacon, cabbage, onion leeks, and their secret mixture, fried to perfection and topped with aonori (dried sea weeds) and bonito flakes (tuna flakes). It’s filling enough that it actually feels like you’ve actually downed a whole meal! It’s also very flavorful, but doesn’t come off as too fishy. What we like the most about their Okonomiyaki is its unique but savory taste. You can’t really help yourself but to come back and ask for more.

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They also serve salads like the Japanese staple, Kani Salad (PHP 95.00), as well as the Spicy Tuna Salad (PHP 150.00), which is notably fresh upon serving. Aside from their salads, they also have the Gyoza (PHP 65.00) and the Korokke (PHP 125.00), which is a deep fried mashed potato ball filled with chicken and cheese in the middle.

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Kisara serves quality dishes, but what we liked the most about their place is the fact that their food is unbelievably affordable. Bring in a couple of hundred bucks, and you’ll end up feeling full and happy, that’s for sure. 🙂

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Kisara Yakitori Bar

Food Centrale #3 Malamig corner Matahimik Street UP Village, Quezon City
Instagram: @kisara_yakitoribar