King Chef Seafood Restaurant: Everyone’s a Royalty!

When in manila, where the oldest China Town in the world lay – Binondo welcomes us a place where royalties feasts. Binondo is a place where you go to when you want to eat legit Chinese food, knowing that the competition is not only tough but really strong, King Chef fruitfully celebrated the first year of their hard work. King Chef was unveiled last June 2012 at the Lucky China Town Mall. Because of their freshest ingredients and finest herbs spices straight from China, King Chef can really say that they can serve a fine dining experience for the kings and queens. 




I’m a fan of Chinese food, whatever category of Chinese food it may be, whether if it’s just plain Chinese food, Taiwanese, Cantonese or whatever –nese it may. This made me interested in checking out how King Chef differs from all the Chinese restaurants around them, even though that I’m from the south, me and my friends drove all the way to Binondo just to have a feast for the so called royalties.

King Chef Seafood Restaurant – Binondo is Mr. Michael Chan-Ang and Mrs. Marites Apido Ang’s second branch. Their love of food and compassion to excellence pave the way for a fine dining restaurant in Binondo to be a great hit.




I was really excited on what King Chef will bring us, and as expected they gave me a mouthwatering Chinese foodie experience as they serve the first dish. The first platter of the many dishes they brought us was the Assorted Cold Cuts Combination, there were different appetizers in that platter but what caught my attention was the seaweed (it’s the one in the middle). The seaweed had its very unique texture when it had a jelly like noodle. It was a sweet chili jelly like noodle. It made me crave for more because the spicy flavor was just little and the sweetness was just enough, it gave me the “I think I want more” factor and before I know it I was asking the waiter if he can serve more seaweed. 


Assorted Cold Cuts Combination


I like food that has different texture, it gives the food uniqueness and character. Which led me to the next dish that I loved, the Dumpling in Seafood Spinach Soup, what I like about it was the texture as well, it had a combination gooey wishy-washy feel when you take a sip. It was really light, just right to give a heads up that the next dishes will also be blast. 


Dumpling in Seafood Spinach Soup


After tasting the tasteful appetizers, I was even more excited for what’s next. What main course should I look after? Which dish shall I gaze upon? What cuisine will make me crave? And there was the Fried King Fish in Mango Sauce, answering all my questions. 

The King Fish was crispy on the outside and soft like it was steamed inside. At first I thought that it was a simple salt and pepper mix, but when I tasted the Mango Sauce, it was really a treat for the king! The flavor of the Fried King Fish complimented the sweetness of the mango.  The Fried King Fish in Mango Sauce is where salt meets sweet mango.  I thought that salt are only for unripe mangoes. But I was wrong, salt is also good equalizer to ripe sweet mangoes. Oh I just like how it blended!


Fried King Fish in Mango Sauce


Here are the other dishes that also made my day! 


Deep-fried Suahe with Salted Eggs


Stir-Fried Kung Pao Chicken


Fried Spareribs with Eight Spices


Stuffed Eggplant in Japanese Sauce


Typhoon Shelter Crabs


Birthday Noodles

13-13 Mango Balls


Almond Fish Gelatin


If there’s one thing that King Chef is really proud of, it’s their service to their customers. Great food is everywhere, nice ambiance is everywhere, but having a great service is only found in a place where the staffs have the heart for excellence and quality. That’s what King Chef is, it’s about the complete package that will make each of every customer a king and queen.

So When in Manila, if you want legit Cantonese Food, go to King Chef Seafood Restaurant! Where everyone is a king and a queen! Where everyone is special!


King Chef Seafood Restaurant

King Chef is located at 2nd Floor, Lucky China Town Mall, Binondo Manila

For reservation please call: 7208594  or 4665765

King Chef is open everyday from 11:00 Am to 11:00 PM

For more information like King Chef’s Facebook page HERE!


King Chef Seafood Restaurant: Everyone’s a Royalty!