Kids Enjoy their Very Own Barbie “Dreamtopia” Adventure

Barbie tells you that you can be anything. From pilot to astronaut, teacher to doctor, and even world-wide famous popstar to noble princess—she’s done it all. You see, the magic of Barbie lies in her ability to tear down the notion that anything is too big to dream.

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Barbie’s Dreamtopia Journey truly made this idea real. Kids, both little boys and girls, were able to immerse themselves in the world of dreamtopia. They played games, crafted unicorn horns, dressed to the nines and loved every minute of it. The experience let them believe, even for a brief period of time, that they really were the mermaids, princesses, fairies and even unicorns they pretended to be.

Barbie 3

The enchanting world of Barbie’s Dreamtopia came to life with the help of marvelous fairies creating and completing the experience for each and every child. Like fairy godmothers, they made sure everyone was able to design the unicorn cone of their dreams. The Sweets & Treats booth they oversaw guaranteed a prize for every little prince or princess that came through.

Barbie 1

Barbie 2The crafts table was never empty. Everybody wanted a unicone of their own! 

Undoubtedly, the most exciting part of the event were the various game booths. Each activity allowed for the little boys and girls to feel as if they were completing a mystical quest from the elusive canon of Dreamtopia. 

Barbie 7This perfectly coordinated mommy-daughter pair is precious in matching floral outfits! 

Barbie 10Check out this cutie beating the system and making her own rules for the game!

Swimming in a pool of plastic balls in search for the point-bearing striped ones and transferring glittering gems from one container to another, among other activities, recreated the incredible land explored by Barbie in Dreamptopia.

Barbie 4At this point I wasn’t sure if they were even playing the game or just enjoying the pool!

Barbie 9

The highlight of the day, however, had to be the Mommy-and-Me Twinning fashion show. Fabulous mommy and daughter pairs weren’t holding back when it came to strutting their stuff down the runway. From classic princess ensembles, to out-of-this world butterfly depictions, these kids (and their moms) owned whatever look they were aiming for.

Barbie 5

Barbie 6

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But I think what these little girls loved best is getting to dress up however they wanted, seeing others do the same, and just enjoying this little pocket of fantasy provided for them. Throughout the day I would witness children meeting each other for the first time and instantly bonding over how fun or crazy or magical or pink their outfits were. They introduced themselves as fairy princesses, dreamy unicorns, outrageous popstars and really believed it. As always, Barbie lets you be whoever or whatever you want to be. 


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