KiddoPreneur Bazaar 2013™

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KiddoPreneur Bazaar 2013 ™


KiddoPreneur Bazaar 2013 ™

An exercise in entrepreneurship for young minds.

On Saturday, November 30th… over 70 new businesses, wholly owned by kids, will be launched at The KiddoPreneur Bazaar.

The KiddoPreneur Bazaar, which was established in 2011 by mother and daughter tandem Maiki and Brielle Oreta, is an annual event where kids ages 4-17, get to become entrepreneurs.

Kiddo-Preneur is a daylong exercise that teaches kids the value of hard work and the merits of earning their own money.

After securing highly coveted booth space in the KiddoPreneur bazaar, the kid – aptly called KiddoPreneurs, get to work thinking about what to sell, how much to sell it for, and what business name to give themselves.

The exercise encourages the participants to think out of the box as they seek out ways to generate profit.

As for the parents of the participants at the KiddoPreneur, they become their very first investors because they give the kids the seed money to start the business. From then on the kids get to work, often times with friends or other relatives – who in turn become their “business” partners.

Being a child friendly event, ingress for the KiddoPreneur bazaar begins at 9am and set up lasts until 11am. Then, after a brief pep talk by the organizers of KiddoPreneur  and a batch picture, the kids get ready to man their booths for the stream of family and friends that come to support them.

The actual selling proper lasts from 11:30am-5pm. From 5pm-5:30pm the participants close their books and tally their sales. The awarding ceremony for KiddoPreneur  begins promptly at 5:30pm where awards are given for categories such as: The Best Decorated Booth, The Highest Sales, The Best Service, and The Most Original Idea.

Whether as a participant or as a bazaar goer, kids of all ages are invited to come and take part in the KiddoPreneur  event to support the KiddoPreneur event!

This year’s KiddoPreneur Bazaar will take place on Sat., Nov. 30th at The Tents at The Alpha Southgate Mall (EDSA corner Pasong Tamo Extension).


To know more about KiddoPreneur Bazaar you may contact us through or call us at 0917 585 1081. You may also get in touch with us by liking our Facebook page. KiddoPreneur


KiddoPreneur Bazaar 2013 ™

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