Kickstart Your Fitness Journey with BDJ’s GoWell Get Fit Program

“I’m gonna do it tomorrow. I promise.” I’d be a billionaire if I’d receive a dollar every time I tell this to myself. The thing about change is that it’s scary and unrelenting when you don’t know what to do. That can also be said about everyone’s fitness journey. There will always be reasons not to do it and restrictions that keep you from embracing that change.

As soon as I finally broke past that hesitation, though, it became easy to transition from a sedentary lifestyle to a healthy and active one. Well, not that easy. It took patience, determination, and consistency. Fortunately, I came across the Bella Go-Getter Membership Program: GoWell, Get Fit.

The membership program is basically a lifestyle movement that promotes a healthier lifestyle and helps people kickstart their fitness journeys. It’s a month-long fitness program with four live sessions of proper exercise routines, diet planning, self-defense training, and the most exciting part: obstacle courses!!! This program, of course, wouldn’t be possible without the Belle De Jour team, the dedicated mentors, co-presenter GoWell, Sun Life’s wellness community, and our sponsor Wacoal!

I signed up for it! I mean, it’s the best thing that I could give myself, after all: change. Although it’s just a month-long program, it’s a good start because I have something to look forward to every weekend.


November 4: Orientation and NT Sweat with fitness mentor, Nikki Torres

The 3-hour session began with a sharing session. Stacy Gutierrez, one half of and body positivity advocate, and Nikki Torres of Pretty Darn Fit/NT Sweat, a certified yoga and cardio instructor, shared their fitness journeys and how they got started. One by one, we shared our fitness goals and expectations of the program.

For me, since I already started my transition to a Ketogenic lifestyle, my only goals are developing an exercise routine that works for me and creating a habit of choosing what’s best for me.  I also want to get to know other people from the group!

After the sharing session, Nikki briefed us on what usually happens during her NT Sweat routine and she made us take a fitness test to gauge our capabilities and use it as a guide during the final assessment. Like any other NT Sweat session, we warmed up, jived to the beat, and tried to imitate Nikki’s moves as accurately as we could. I might have looked like a dying seal while doing the routine, but who cares?! Only sweat matters at this point (and having fun!).

Aside from the exciting activities, what I really like about BDJ events is their organisation. I’ve been to at least 3 of their events and they never disappoint. Aside from the generous loot that you get take home, you’ll also get to make friends from different walks of life and get inspired by amazing talks.

What’s in the Starter Kit?

The starter kit comes with a yoga mat, a Wacoal sports bra, a dri-fit shirt, the handy BDJ Fitness Tracker, merchandise from GoWell, Sun Life’s wellness community, and other surprise exercise essentials from our minor sponsors, Olay, Head and Shoulders, Goody, and Belo Essentials.

3 Tips on Starting Your Own Fitness Journey

Just do it.

Don’t worry about the little details. Just start with the obvious elements in your current lifestyle that need to go. Get rid of junk foods. Avoid unnecessary sugars. Start walking around the neighborhood. These little changes can do big wonders and help you get started.

Equip yourself.

Once you’ve eliminated those obvious elements, start replacing your unhealthy staples with alternatives. If you can’t let go of white rice, you can substitute it with cauliflower rice or quinoa. Also, start building your exercise arsenal. Get a yoga mat, nice exercise clothes, and a pair of dumbbells, for example.

Be consistent.

Please remember that fitness doesn’t stop after you’ve reached your goals. It should be part of your new lifestyle now. If you cheated on your diet, don’t feel guilty and just get back on your diet. If you must, establish some rules. “Cheat meal = extensive workout”.

By following these simple tips, you can easily start your own fitness journey!

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