Kenny Smith says Rockets could have beaten Jordan’s Bulls in the NBA Finals

Rockets or Bulls?

TNT analyst and former NBA player Kenny Smith believes his 1994 Houston Rockets would have beaten the Chicago Bulls in the NBA finals even if Michael Jordan hadn’t retired.

In an interview with Sccop B Radio, Smith said the Rockets were a better team than Jordan’s Bulls at the time.

“Oh we would’ve beat them. And actually everyone forgets he was playing the second year, he was wearing No.

45 and the team they lost to, the Orlando Magic, we swept them,” Smith said. “We were that much better than them that year, [and] they lost to them.”

Smith went on saying: “Even if a good, healthy Michael takes them to seven and maybe wins we would’ve beat the Bulls without a question, they didn’t match up well with us and during those years that they were actually winning championships, which wasn’t the playoffs. We were 8-2 against them during those years. We matched up well with them. We wouldn’t have been scared I tell you that much.

Watch Smith answer the question at the 3:05 mark:

What do you think of the ’94 Rockets, would they have beaten Michael Jordan and the Bulls?