Katha: Going Vegan Has Never Tasted This Good!

If you’re one like me who’s always been vegan-curious, some of the questions that bog our mind would be: “How do I even begin?” “What do I cook?” “Where do I get the ingredients?” 

One of the simplest ways to transition into the vegan lifestyle, in my opinion, is by having a home-cooked meal plan delivered to you daily. Based on my experience, no one does vegan meal plans better like Kathâ. 

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Kathâ is a meal plan delivery service that prides in serving good vegan food. Going into a vegan diet was daunting at first. (How could I give up cheese?!) But as I tasted food from Kathâ, it didn’t feel like I was missing anything at all. With their five-day meal plan, you are given goodies like Taco Rice, Chili con Carne, Burger Steak, and Binagoongang Tofu. Every time I took a bite, all I could think of was, “Is this really vegan? Does this really have no meat?” I had to check their page repeatedly to make sure that they were really serving me plant-based food. 

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It tasted that good. 

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Each meal was bursting with flavors. From that creamy vegan mac-and-cheese to that savory burger steak, every bite kept me wanting more. The best part is that it made my body feel good too. My mind was more alive because I knew I was getting nutrients from healthy sources. 

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Having Kathâ deliver my meals also gave me ideas for recipes I could cook on my own. They gave me the general idea of how vegan food can actually taste: hearty, healthy, and packed with flavor. 

Who knew that eating good food could be this guilt-free?

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