Kakai Bautista Reminds Pinoys that People Can Be Single But Not Miserable

Actress and comedienne Kakai Bautista did not withhold herself when she went on Twitter to share her thoughts on being a single adult.

Kakai Bautista

Source: Instagram.com/ilovekaye

“I hope society and Filipinos will Learn to accept the Fact that people who are in their late 20’s, 30’s and early 40’s — AND SINGLE are not MISERABLE,” she said.

She also went on to debunk stereotypes about men and women who choose to stay uncommitted. “‘Pag lalake ay single, gay agad. ‘Pag babae, tomboy or matandang dalaga. Hindi lahat ng Mag-isa ay Malungkot. (If you’re a single man, you’re automatically gay. If you’re a single woman, you’re a lesbian or an old maid. Not everyone who is alone is lonely.)”

Followers of Kakai also gave their two cents on the topic. One Twitter user said, “Agree! Ang importante, ano ba ang ginagawa natin sa kung ano man ang status natin [at the moment]? (What’s important is how we live our lives no matter what our status is.) Being single is a blessing just like being married. The Lord has purpose for every status. Learn to enjoy it and maximize it!

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Another added, “It’s just but parochial thinking. We have to learn to embrace diversity and personal choices. Whatever our boats sail, people should learn to accept that without prejudice. People don’t grow old with just a single purpose. We all have our own different paths. And so we live it.”

Do you agree with Kakai?