KAI Green Tea Energy Drink: Choose Positive Energy

kai energy drink

If you’re up to date with this year’s theme, then you’d know that it’s all about Green and Greenery. This 2017 trend kick-started the beginning of healthier food resolutions and growing vegetarian trends, all natural and more gentle skin care choices, less non-biodegradable wastes, and sustainable and clean living for a lot of people. Everyone’s aiming to reduce the evils and toxicity brought about by the demands of everyday life.

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With days getting shorter and busier, we are pressed to find different sources of energy to compensate for the amplifying pace of our daily routine. I didn’t even notice how quickly the first two months of the year had gone by! Can you believe that it’s already almost April?

kai energy drink

So, here’s a brief background — I’ve been trying hard to live on the green side since early last year, and discovering Kai Energy Drink was as thrilling for me as seeing the impacts of eliminating red meat from my diet. Like most young professionals, I try to balance work and play and need my boosts of energy from time to time, which I usually get from my favorite brew. Sadly, coffee is not always accessible and won’t fit in your purse when you go hopping from work to spinning class and vice versa. Plus, I’m very much aware of all the negative effects those high-sugar energy drinks have on those who’ve become dependent on it.

Kai is a refreshing drink infused with real green tea extracts that’s packed with vitamin B, antioxidants, and vitamin C especially made to give women optimum physical and mental performance. It has less sugar content than your regular energy drink, so there’s no crashing — just extreme good vibes all the way. That’s why I love it and so do my girl friends!

Energy is a choice

When it’s between getting a full 8-hour rest and submitting a deadline the next day, Kai Energy drink keeps you sharp and focused. Choose to exceed your expectations and go the extra mile when the situation calls for it! Here’s my colleague rushing a deadline with Kai by her side.

kai energy drink

Energy is contagious

Your energy affects others positively or negatively! Because energy is very contagious, a sip of Kai Energy Drink gave me and my girl friends the high we needed to keep dancing the night away for our friend’s massive event!

kai energy drink

Energy is power

We like to think that energy is mental and that you can do anything so long as you put your mind to it, but our body can exhaust itself way easier than we think. Without energy, we hinder our potential to perform physically. With Kai, you’ll get that extra boost to complete an hour of physical activity even after an 8-5. Even my yoga teacher recommends it! Do you see how powerful that arm balance is?

kai energy drink

Kai is Positive Energy in a can. It was specifically engineered to give women this kind of power to make the most of their time at work and play. Choose positive energy. Choose Kai!

Grab Kai Energy Drink at your favorite neighborhood convenience stores and supermarkets now!

Kai Energy Drink

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