Justin Bieber Up a Tree: Draws Attention at Christian Conference

Hillsong is a well known Christian band all over the world, and every year, they hold the Hillsong Conference in Sydney Australia where thousands flock to hear their music and inspirational stories. This year however, rumor had it that Justin Bieber was attending too. While several of the attendees probably didn’t go there to see him, he sure made his presence known when he decided to climb up a tree during the break.

According to one of the attendees, Mayi L., she noticed a group of teens crowding a tree. When she tried to see what the commotion was about, she was surprised to see no other than Justin Bieber himself right on top.

“Syempre sa conference, may body guards siya so hindi siya pinagkaguluhan. (He had his bodyguards during the conference so the teens couldn’t go crazy over him) So he went out to join the youth. On the way to the venue, he went up the tree and everyone went crazy na. Only the teens got to see this. The adults inside the arena had no idea. haha”



No one really knows why he climbed that tree or what he was doing. Some say he was just seeking attention, while others want to believe otherwise.

What do you guys think?